How to Change Admin Name in Blogger



How to change admin name in blogger:


Many bloggers use google plus name as their admin name. to change admin name, we cannot change the name in google plus (actually not Like that, every time we cannot change google profile name), so that I this tutorial we are going to see how to change admin name in blogger.

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Change admin name in blogger profile:


This is most effective method; this is good for non-technical guys… I recommend this method to everyone.

Let us see:


Step1: Login to your blogger dashboard.

Step2: Go to setting

Step3: Go to user setting

Step4: Select blogger

Step5: Click edit

Step6: There you see “Display Name”

Step7: There you enter yours desire name to be displayed.

Step8: click Save at the downside button.

Step9: That’s all you Have done it.

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