How to Improve blogger Page Rank without SEO


Improve your blogger Page Rank without SEO

1.Submit Site To Web Directories:-

                                                          A simple and effective way to increase web traffic this can be done by submitting the content to respected web/article directories (to say in the simple to insert another site link which contains related information to the word/article we type). This is the most efficient way to Improve your blogger Page Rank without SEO.

2.Improve Content :-

                                This is most important If the content is well written, informative this will help in increase in chances of readers and visitors and can share it with others this lead to improve your page rank

3.Social Networks:-

                               Social Network is a great way to help in increase of visibility of your content and improve page rank the work done here is to share your articles/ posts/issues /content on social site like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest etc


                      Focus on keywords that people are most likely to use as queries on search engines by using the most commonly searched keywords this helps to improve your page rank and visitors. This is another cool way to improve blogger Page Rank without SEO

5.Post regularly:-

                            Set up a schedule to post articles/posts on the daily/weekly basis and be sure to post posts with new and fresh content or topics on the same day of every week or day basis which is mostly liked by Google and this helps in improve your page rank.

6.Link Exchange:-

                              It is a well-known technique by many of us you just need to get other sites which are ranked higher to link your page or site which helps your page rank improve.

7.Post on other sites:-

                                   This is also the other technique to improve page rank need to do is find blogs or sites that allow posting your posts so that you can receive backlinks two or more backlinks in return for what you have submitted important thing is to post on blogs which are related to your niche so that you can attract readers

8.Add Comments To Other Sites:-

                                                         You need to comment regularly on articles or posts posted by other bloggers websites the more you comment and post the more your site will grow in page rank

9.Increase Uptime:-

                                 Choose a web host that offers 99.9%uptime so that your website available to anyone who wants to visit be sure to choose a provider that is reliable and provides a guarantee about uptime.

10.Multiple Pages:-

 Provide Internal Links to your web pages.
Follow these 10 ways you can get good  google search engine rank without SEO
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