How to add Menu and Submenu in blogger


How to add Menu and submenu in blogger:


Adding menus and sub menu which creates more attractive and secretion about your blog Post. It creates the great user experience for your blog. In this tutorial, we are going to see how to add main menu and submenu in blogger Blogspot website. Also, you can link your pages or any other particular pages of your blog or otherwise you can link any of your site or others sites.

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Step1: Login to your blogger dashboard.

Step2: Go to lay out

Step3: Go to menu in your layout settings => Click edit

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Step4: You will see popup blogger window

Step5: Here add new site: Enter the name to be displayed at your menu bar and add site URL place: Enter or paste your URL. And click add link

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Step6: Save it.

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How to add sub Menu:

Step7: Continue all Five steps above mentioned

Step8: Now you have to save it with underscore… which means at the place of add new site, the name before just put one underscore symbol.

Example: Add site Name: Movies   => for submenu instead of movies name you just enter => Add site name: _Electricalblog

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Step9: Paste your submenu URL at the place of URL box. And Click add link.

Step10: drag or move down your submenu. Where it should come under the main menu

Step11: Save it. That’s all you have done it.

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