Free QR Code Scanner and QR Code generator AIA File Download


Free QR Code Scanner and QR Code generator AIA File Download

Using Our Free QR Code Scanner and QR Code generator app, you can get the data from the QR code with in micro second and at the same time you can create yours secrete QR Code using our app. QR Scanner and QR generator is the fastest android app, that saves your time. It is very essential for every android user. QR Code Scanner and QR Code generator is very clean design and It gives eye catching navigation to use all the features.

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Fast Download



QR Code Scanner and QR Code generator is extremely ready to use. Just point out the QR codes, our QR scanner section pick up the data and display it in respective section. QR Code Scanner and QR Code generator is free to use. Even It does not require internet.

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Fast Download

QR Code Scanner Section:

In this, When You start QR scanner and QR generator app, the app automatically starts the process, detect the data and accumulate it into the screen. The Scanned data can be shared through any of your social media platform. At the same time, you can copy the data using our copy tool.  QR scanner is easy and simple design. Also, if you are planning to scan a URL, then you can scan it and our tool gives clear navigation to respective destination with your favorite web browser.

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QR Code Scanner reads Simple texts, URLs, Wifi, media URLs (this is helpful for downloading something from internet), locations, Contacts, and all the QR format codes.

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QR Code Generator Section:

In QR code generator section, All You have to do is, just enter or copy paste the text or URL that You want to create QR Code. Within fraction of second, you will get QR code for Your data. The same QR code will be available in jpg format. You can take QR the file from you file manager section or gallery section. Otherwise, you can get the data from your memory, and the file name is “MYQR Code”.

Key Features of QR Code Scanner and QR Code generator:

  1. Clean Navigations
  2. Simple use
  3. Fastest QR Code Scan and QR Code Generation
  4. Navigating the Link to external browser
  5. Fast Sharing
  6. No Need to have Internet- Use It in offline
  7. Flash Compatibility (You can Turn on the Light by Pressing Volume Up Button & Turn off the light by pressing Volume down button)
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