28 Ways Earn Money Online from Home In India Without Investment

Online Money Earning
28 Ways of Online Money Earning

28 Ways Earn Money online from Home in India Without Investment:

Earn Money online is it possible ? Many of us ask the same question, My answer is yes. In this tutorial we are going to how to earn money online from home in India. Here there is no restriction on that. Even you can start below mentioned way at the age of 99 years. Lets start how to earn money online from home in India without any investment. In this we have covered 40 true and trusted way of online money earning, also here you do not want to invest single cent for the same. Online Money protect or support you from some tough situation.

1. Start Youtube channel: (Earn Money online from home in India )

Youtube is the biggest video hosting platform, And it starts monetization on hosted video on 2008. I have seen many of successive Youtubers, Example Geekranjith, Tamil, Tamil Tech, Top 10 Tamil etc. Also they are earning well. You have to create your own video content and uploading video by creating youtube channel. In this you do not want to invest single cent money. You have to accept Google adsense place the video ads and banner ads on your video while user viewing your video.

A successive channel can earn money online upto Average Rs 2,00,000 /- (3000 $) Per month. Minimum withdraw is $ 100 and The payment is based on NET30

Note: On 2018 Youtube new updated rules: Video monetization will be enabled only after reaching 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.  Due to this many small youtubers got lost their interest on youtube.

Revenue share: 55% To the Publisher and 45 % to youtube

Required device: Only android or ios mobile itself enough. Computer is not mandatory

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2. Start Daily Motion:

This is an another video hosting platform just like youtube. In dailymotion there is no rules on your monetization. You can start monetize after uploading video itself. Even they are paying highest amount for the publisher 75 % of net income. Minimum withdrawal: 100$ and you can transfer PayPal, wire transfer, Payoneer etc. This is also free site.

Required Device: Computer mandatory

3. Earn through apps:

This is an easiest way of money earning from home. Many android apps such as ChampCash, MOO CASH, Paid Unlock, Points prize, Watching Tvs etc. are really paying money to their user. For this you must have one android or iOS phone. You have to download their android or ios apps from play store or iTunes. After downloading and installation you have start working, the app developer will give some task, you have to complete and after successive completion they will reward you in terms of money. You can withdraw through PayPal or Paytm.

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Note: Be aware of scam apps

More money earning apps 100% true really paying

Note: iOS user gets 300% extra revenue as compared to completion of same task in android phone.

Required device: Android or Ios mobile phone

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Here you can check out some android apps

4. Face Book Instant article:

Now face book launched monetization for their user. You can enable monetization through Facebook instant article. For this all you have to do is, you must have one Facebook account and Facebook page. In youtube there are many videos are available how to enable monetization on Facebook. You can Post any language content in Facebook and you can earn money some decent amount from your Facebook fans page.

5. Earn Money by Posting News:

This is another simplest way of online money earning from home. Here you have get approval from the news website. Example in India there are two news channels are paying money to their publishers. One is NewsDog and another one is UC News. Also you can post anything such as Jokes, health tips, entertainment, life style etc. Both are really paying and you will get 10,000 views per 1$. Here you do not need to promote your article, they will promote yours to their user.

Revenue share in newsdog: 72% to their publisher and 28 % for news dog

Revenue share in UC Browser: 55 % to their publishers and remaining 45% for UC news

Note: NewsDog earns from google ads and UC browser earns from Sponsor ship

6. PTC ads:

PTC means paid to clicks. Some of my friends really earning money using this PTC side, but to earn more you must have good active referral. But I won’t suggest to use PTC website. It sucks lot of time. Do you know how much they will pay for one task? They pay $0.001 per task. So, to get one payout you have to lose 10 % of your entire life. So do not read and join any PTC sites, instead of that you can start your own blog. Also the time to cost conversion is very less.

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7. Paid Surveys:

Some of the survey websites are paying real money, but to get more money from survey you must have good English knowledge and should be English countries. So in India do not fall back on the survey website by reading positive article in some famous website. In india, they pay 0.25$ per survey. To get first payment you have to lose 5 % of your entire life.

8. Paid Reviews:

Some websites are offering and paying for their client reviews. To access from india, you must use VPN, Example: Slice the pie, music xray, hitpredictor etc. To get the payment, you must have Paypal account.   They pay upto 5$ per task in Normal time. In seasonal times they pay $ 50 per task. The review should be in good English.

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Required device: Android or IOS mobile enough

9. Amazon Kindle self-publishing Books:

Yes, I will give first rank to this online money method. My friend is earning up to $ 5000 per month. You have to write a book and you can publish in amazon kindle. In this you do not want to invest money. But you should write a book in your own idea. Copying and pasting is strictly prohibited. You can write any book with any categories.

Required device: Computer mandatory.

Note: Interview books and time management books are the highest selling in amazon kindle.

10. Websites and Blogs:

I give second rank to this online money earning method. In this, you can start writing content in any language. Also there are many free website platforms are there in the world. Example: google blogger.com, tumbler, wordpress, etc. you can start monotization through google adsense or other ad network. Google adsense is having strict policy, also no guarantee on google account but very trusted one.

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Required device: Android/iOS mobile or computer. If you have computer that is much better.

11. Uploading Adult videos:

Yes, this word is true. Now xvideos.com is started monetizing the video content by placing videos ads. And the revenue share is 50% each. You can with draw through Bank transfer or PayPal transfer.

Required device: Android Mobile or computer

12. Paid to Download:

This is an another simple method of online money earning from home. Here, you have to upload you files in their PPD sites. You will get money for each download. Example they pay $ 1 per thousand downloads and the file should not be a copyrighted. You can transfer money via PayPal or Payoneer.

Required device: System mandatory

13. Captcha solver:

This is the best and easiest way of online money earning from home in India. Do you know? To complete captcha you do not want any technical skill. This is a special program for uneducated people to earn money from online. Also you can get up to $ 3 per 1000 captcha.

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Required device: Computer mandatory

14. Affiliate market:

If you have more audience, you can go for Online affiliate program, Also I does not need technical skill. Also you do not want to promote your product. This is the simplest way as compared with other online money earning program.

In India Flipkart, amazon, eBay, CJ are the highest paying affiliate websites. Without spending any money, you can join their affiliate program.

Actually seller upload their product in amazon or Flipkart or Ebay and affiliate marketer promote others product in their website. And if any of your website visitor purchases the material through your link, then you will get some commission, This is called affiliate marketing.

You will get upto 0.5 % to 12 % as commission rate of the sold price. Payout is based on NET30.

Required device: One Computer, One Blog or Website.

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15. Amazon/Flipkart/ebay seller:

In last paragraph we have spoken about affiliate marketing, also in amazon, flipkark, ebay You can sell your product.

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But they approve every seller after completion of verification process. But all cannot do this job, it is eligible, only for authorized seller.

Device Required: Website is compulsory, Computer or android phone is enough to get login

16. Freelancer:

Freelancer is the awesome online job for technical guy. Also, Online Freelancers can earn Monthly some decent pay per monthly up to Rs 30,000 ($ 500) to Rs 1,00,000 ($ 2000) per month depending on the type of skills you will use as a freelancer. Example: If you are well-known about website those will earn average money from online. And the programmer can make the highest payout in these freelancer jobs. They local translator will earn less money.

Some Freelancer websites: Elance, Freelancer.inWorkNHire, Upwork, People per Hour etc.

By Login, you can start working.

17. Virtual Assistant:

A virtual assistant is like a personal assistant who can earn money by working online by taking care of their client websites, performing online counselling, writing & proofreading, publishing content, online marketing, writing coding, research etc.

Note: This is good online money earning method for those who are familiar with English language for content writing, Expert in coding, Knowledge about websites etc. If you do not know, do not do it.

Required device: Computer is mandatory.

Famous website for Virtual assistant jobs: HireMyMomMyTaskerZirtualuAssistMe123Employee etc.

18. Writing Job:

This is nothing but a content writing, they give the keyword to you and you have to gather the information about the keyword and you should write a content in 500 + words.

Here per tasks values according to the seniority (old content writer gets more). Also the task values is depending upon keyword only.

Main writing jobs: Copywriting, Web content writing, Editing/Proofreading, Academic Writing, Resume/Cover Letter Writing, News Writing, Email Marketing Specialist, Legal Writer, and Fiction writing.

Website for Content writing: iWriter, FreelanceWritingTextBroker, etc.

19. Conduct a training course:

Example: I am an expert in a particular field, then I can teach or conduct training course online. You can collect fees from your joiner by monthly or hourly as per your knowledge.

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If you have better knowledge in free you do not worry about making money online. But starting it will be struggle, afterwards you will become king on your subject. Also your online earning will be in unreachable limit.

20. Micro Working:

In micro work you cannot earn more money from online in India, but you can earn some decent amount of money from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 per month. But this is difficult for non techie, it needs English language skill. They pay upto 2$ per task. You can withdraw you online money from PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Some Micro working Websites: amazon mtrunk, hive micro etc.

Hivemicro.com is little bit different from amazon mtrunk. In this, Non-technical guys also can earn more money from online from home.

21. Domain trader:

Godaddy is conducting such an online earning program. You have to book domain and just wait for good price. If you got decent price, sell it. But always book search keyword related domain which gives more than 1000 times of your original price.

Some branded domain cost around $ 1,000,000.

22. Logo designer:

This is another simplest and easiest way of online money earning method. To earn more you must know about Photoshop 3D model. You can get order from freelancer websites.

Average earning will be $ 100 to $ 10,000 as per your design.

23. Selling T shirt:

Yes, Amazon provides such wonderful offers to their users. Here your job is Simple uploading the T shirt design, the remaining work will be done by amazon including printing, delivering T shirt. But in this, you won’t have a fixed income, but if your designs become popular, you can definitely earn massive income in this business and even turn all past designs into a passive income-generating machine.

Average Earning Will be Rs 10,000/- to Rs 15,000/-

24. Sell your photos:

If you think you’ve got a good shot with creativity, try uploading your photographs for free to stock websites. You can take high quality images of nature, places you visit, celebrity or people, things, dishes, homes etc. & sell them online. Keep it as Side income.

Some Micro working Websites: Fotoliaistockphoto, Shutterstock, Photobucket

Average Earning Will be Rs 8,000/- to Rs 10,000/-

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25. Selling old goods:

Anyone can earn money using this method, all you want, good negotiation skills. You can purchase old stuff from someone and you can sell them online through quikr and olx. If you have big relationship circle, you can earn more money online from home.

Average earning: As per your negotiating skill.

26. Flying URL ads:

Yes, I honestly say, this is the best alternative method for online money earning. I do not require technical skill or computer. Just you need one android or iOS phone.

In this, you have short your desired URL, in their URL shortner. Avg they pay 5$ per 10,000 views. Also they pay 22 $ per 10,000 views for US traffic. If you have public group in Facebook or twitter or LinkedIn, you can earn huge amount of money from this URL shortner service.

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Highest paying Website: adfly, shor.te, tmearn, etc.

In this, I recommend to join in Tmearn, which gives 2.5$ per 1000 views in india and US traffics get 3 times of money 7.5$ per 1,000 views.

27. Bitcoin:

Now a day’s bitcoin growth is increasing like anything. All you have to do is you have to purchase bitcoin from some bitcoin exchange service. And Sell the bitcoin when the rate rise.

This is my personal experience about bitcoin. This is really nice to earn more money from online from home.

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28. Online Money lending:

Some of the money lending apps are providing better interest to their investor. If you have enough money you can lend it through money exchangers such as bajaj finance service or some other finance service. They amount of earning is purely depending on the money you invest.

Avg interst: 2.5 % interest per month.

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Guys I have been working for past one and half year, In this online money earning online from home article what I have written is absolutely true.  But do not invest money in online until get clear idea about the work.


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