Christmas Wishing Script Pro 2018 for Blogger Free Download


Christmas Wishing Script Pro 2018 for Blogger Free Download:

Christmas Wishing Script: Hello Friend’s In this article we are going to see about how to create “Merry Christmas Wishing Script” or whatsapp wishing script without coding knowledge. Also We offer you christmas wishing script which you can download in free and can create a Wishing Website by installing on Blogger and self-hosted sites.

Christmas Wishing Script Pro Script Download Link is below..

Merry Christmas Wishing Script Pro

Friends, as you all know, today’s Wishing Scripts are used very much on social media and everyone likes to send it too. In this case, if you want to earn online earnings by making a Wishing Website on this Merry Christmas Event, this Merry Christmas Wishing Script 2018 is the best for you.

Because everything in this script is advanced here you get Gif Images with Attractive PNG Images as well as Auto Play Music which makes this script very advanced.

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You just have to download this Wishing script and make some necessary changes such as Adding your Website URL and Ads Place, after that you can earn online easily by installing it on your Free Blogger Blog.

Now if you do not have to customize Wishing Scripts, then we have already published an article on this topic so that you can learn Wishing Script as Customize Your Website and easily customize this Merry Christmas Wishing Script. ALso here we are giving the wishing script for you..

How to Create Wishing Website

To earn money from a Wishing Website, you have to follow some steps like-

Step 01. Create or Download Wishing Script

First of all, create a Wishing script for the event you want to target, or you can download it from Internet. By using which you can create your own Wishing Website.

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Step 02. Blogging Platform

To create or host any website, you need a Platform like Blogger or cPanel because by using both of these options, you can install your Wishing Script and create a Wishing Website.

Step 03. Place Advertisements

A Wishing Website usually has the facility of applying 3 Ads, the first Ad you can add Banner Ad and the other you can apply in the middle and the third Bottom Ad can be placed. Which starts showing Ads on your Wishing Website.

Note: Do not Place The Ads On near to The Share button. Most of the adsense account is disabled due to such condition. 

When a user opens your Wishing Website, that ad will also show that, and if there is an interest in Ads, then it will also click on those who get paid for you.

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Step 04. Drag Huge Traffic

After doing all of the above things, now you have a Wishing Website, which is to bring you as much traffic as possible, for this, you can use the best Social Media Networks, such as Facebook and Whatsapp because all people today Use these Social Media Accounts and by using them, you can send your Wishing Website to your friends, relatives, groups etc.

So that they open up your Wishing Website and you get a lot of traffic and that traffic is available to you online Earning

How to Free Download Merry Christmas Wishing Script

Now the question comes, how can you download this Merry Christmas Wishing Script, as always, here we have used Google Drive and Mediafire because both platforms are the best and you can easily use them Download Wishing Script in Free

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Note: This Wishing script is inside a Zip file, which is Password Protected, when you download this Wishing script, then you will get a Zip file, which you have to Extract, now the question is is that Password for Zip File is ? This Merry Christmas Wishing Script is Zip File’s Password (techbyrs) Keep in mind that all letters are small only.

An advantage of Merry Christmas Wishing Script 2018

  • Google Adsense Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Social Media Share Buttons (Whatsapp & Facebook)
  • Optimized for High Ad Revenue
  • Name Sharable
  • Easy to Install
  • Super Fast Loading Speed
  • AutoPlay Music
  • Better Design
  • Change Any Images
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Merry Christmas 2nd Wishing Script

This Wishing Script can also be installed on Blogger Blog, it is very simple and Attractive Looking, in which you also get Auto Play Music, to download this Wishing script you can download the following Google Drive and Mediafire Button Can Click. This makes the script very easy to download.

Note: If you are Merry Christmas Wishing Script Password Protected then you will write Extract (techbyrs) and this Wishing Script will be easily extract in your device.

For Blogger:

For Self-Hosted Event Blogging:


Advantages of this Merry Christmas Wishing Script

  • Google Adsense Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Social Media Share Buttons (Whatsapp & Facebook)
  • Optimized for High Ad Revenue
  • Name Sharable
  • Easy to Install
  • Super Fast Loading Speed
  • AutoPlay Music
  • Better Design
  • Change Any Images
  • Timer

If you have any problems in downloading, customizing or installing this script, then you must tell us in our Whatsapp Group

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In Conclusion

Creating a Wishing Website and Making It Online Earning is very easy today and many people are also using it as a good online earning today, then you must also create your own Wishing Website and make it online earning. Now if the Wishing Website Se If you have any questions about Paise Kaise Kamaye Topic then you can ask us in the Comment Box.

Wishing Scripts is very popular today but it is even more important. Because Christmas does not just celebrate Christianity, but all Indians consider this event very happy, so you must use this Merry Christmas Wishing Script to create a Wishing Website You should create online earning very easily.



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