Top 6 apps gives answer for How to earn money by browsing/surfing internet


Earn money by browsing internet: 

Some browser apps offer us to earn money to use their browser. We can withdraw cash through mobile recharge or gift cards. Some apps are here

  1. mCent Browser
  2. Smart browser
  3. Mingle cash
  4. Swag bucks
  5. Earn browser
  6. Mass browser

mCent Browser:

it is the highest paying browsing app and Earn money by browsing internet, it just works like normal browser chrome, firebox etc. browsing speed is good like other browser. Get Browsing rewards in terms of points. Sum of 1000 points is equal to Rs. 1/-. in this we cannot withdraw cash. Instead of that, we can do mobile recharge. By setting this, as default browser the point conversion increase to 10 % extra. In this by referring your friend you can increase your point conversion by 50 % (100 => 150) and get 1000 bonus point both you and your friend. You can recharge the number, which is associated with your phone. This is 100 % trusted app. Click this to get the app.

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Tips: use Facebook or any social network to earn more point.

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Smart browser:

This is newly launched browser. Earn points by surfing internet in their app. We can recharge your reward points to your smart phone. 1000 smart points is equal to Rs 1/-. It is faster than other normal browser like chrome and firebox. But it does not have ad blocker and malware detection facility. Get 2 % of your friends earning by referring one friend. Monthly you can earn approximately 200 to 400 rupees. Click this to join now.

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Mingle cash:

In this you have to add browser extension; it works with chrome browser only. This is applicable only for English countries. Others the only way to earn money is by making referrals by sharing your link in social network. So that you can generate a large number of people in your 10 level downline viewing ads. These ads generate revenue. Your share of this revenue is determined by the number of pop-under ads you view. Also see this full details about mingle cash.

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Swag Bucks:

This is also applicable only for US and Canada users. Others, they do not allow. You can redeem swag points through PayPal cash, gift cards, play store gifts etc. Also see the full details about swag bucks

Earn browser:

Get free Paytm cash by surfing internet. One tab gives you 0.1 points. Sum of 100 points is equal to 1 rupee. Payment will be sent you within 12 hours from the time of withdrawal. It is very slow app and needs lot of improvement. It displays lot of ads, but they reward you for the same. One video ad rewards you 1 points and one screen level ad gives 0.5 points. Click this to get the browser.

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Trusting level: 50 %

Mass browser:

It is a great app as compared with all above mentioned earning program. It has ad blocker, malware block and browsing history protection. Get free 5 $ sign up bonus. Get 0.0003 $ for browsing one page. You can withdraw as USD or Euro or Bitcoin. For payments, Mass participants use the secure Bitcoin block chain-based payment system. Click this to get.

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Note: This app is in under construction.


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