How To increases Adsense Revenue By 200%


How To increases Adsense Revenue By 200%:

By Setting Ad balance to low level ad fill rate, we can increases the adsense earnings by 200% let see how to Do That..

Let’s say you only want to allow 70% of potential ads to show on your site instead of the default 100%. On the “Ad balance” page, you use the slider to set your ad fill rate to 70%. Ad fill rate is how often we fill the available ad units on your site with ads. A 70% ad fill rate means we’ll fill your ad units up to 70% of the time with the highest-paying ads. You can now check the “Estimated earnings” field to see the revenue impact (based on your historical earnings data).

How to set your ad balance

To set your ad balance, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Ads.
  3. Click Ad balance.
  4. On the “Ad balance” page use the slider to reduce the number of ads and see the estimated impact this has on your revenue.
  5. Click Apply.We’ll now fill your ad units with the highest-paying ads up to your new ad fill rate.
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Not sure if you’ve set the right ad balance for your site?

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Consider running an experiment to test your current ad fill rate against a different ad fill rate. Click Set up an experiment on your “Ad balance” page to get started.

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Note that the accuracy of the revenue predictions in the ad balance tool may be affected for a few days after your experiment finishes.

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