Top Five Highest paying PTC sites reviews (Ebizclix # 1, Scarlet clicks #2, Neo Bux # 3, Ojooo wad # 4 and Paidverts # 5 ( Money Earning By Paid to Click ads))


Ebizclix # 1:

                                This is the highest paying PTC site. They are paying from 0.001 to 0.02 $ per 15 secs ad without any membership. Daily you can earn up to 0.11 $ without any referral or any membership. Coming to referral earning, you can earn 20 % of commission from friends of refer by you. By participating head or tail game you can earn 200 % of you spend.

Key way to earn:

  1. Clicking ad
  2. Head tail
  3. Completing tasks from crowd flower

Trusting level: 100 %

Daily working time: 5 minutes.

Minimum withdraw: 5 $ Paypal, Payza, Payeer cash.

Minimum time require to cash out: 50 days.

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Scarlet clicks #2:

                                This is the average money earning PTC site.  They pay from 0.0002 $ to 0.001 $ per 10 secs ad without membership. Daily you can earn up to 0.02 $ without referral. They give you 100 % referral commission.

Key way to earn:

  1. Watching 10 sec ad
  2. Referral
  3. Upgrading your account

Minimum cash out: 2 $

Trusting level: 80 %

Payment type: Payza, PayPal, Perfect Money and Bitcoin

Minimum time require to cash out: 90 days


Neo Bux # 3:

They pay you 0.001 $ for fixed advertisement and 0.001$. Daily you can get 0.01 $. To get reward form playing game you need to follow below rules:

  1. You should play at least 2 minutes. If you play less time, you won’t be credited.
  2. Daily you can play up to 250 game sessions. If you play more than said level, you cannot get money.
  3. Win or loss you do not need to bother, said play time reached means amount will be credited to your account.
  4. The “Play now” button generates a link that will allow you to play and earn for 120 minutes. You must return to this page and click the button again to continue earning after that period has elapsed.
  5. Do not quit too many games without winning or losing and / or blocking advertisements and / or attempting to change data such as high-scores (and other) will lead to the removal of the privilege of earning from games.
  6. When playing multiplayer games, you must win and click on “I’m Ready Now!” to get credited.
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Key way to earn:

  1. Clicking ad
  2. Referral
  3. Playing games
  4. Completing surveys
  5. Mini jobs
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Minimum withdrawal: 2$

Trusting level: 100 %

Payment type: Payza, Skrill, Neteller


Ojooo wad # 4:

                Daily you can earn 0.01$. In this site you can exchange traffic to your desire site by what you have earn from this site or using their paid services.

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Follow these steps to earn traffic to your site;

  1. if you choose a payable campaign at:
  2. Using the minutes you earned while surfing go to
  3. define the geographical filter if needed.
  4. return to the advert list and active the campaign by clicking ‘Play’.

Key way to earn money:

  1. PTC ads
  2. Completing 3rd party Surveys
  3. Ojooo grid
  4. Make auto surfing for traffic exchange program
  5. Referral earning

Trusting level: 100 %

Minimum withdrawal: 2$


Paidverts # 5:

                                In This PTC site, their ads rewards will be given in terms of BAP. Daily you can up to 176 BAP from ads and sign in bonus 25 BAP constantly by visiting their site. Sum of 2500 BAP is equal to 1 $. They won’t give as much paid ads you to watch. Daily they cut 100 BAP and 0.002 $ money as Tax. To upgrade your account, you need to spend 2500 BAP and 0.10$ money.

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Key way to earn BAP:

  1. Watching or clicking ads
  2. Surveys
  3. Referral

Trusting level: 100 %

Minimum withdrawal: 2 $


                                See guys all these PTC site are very hard way to earn money. It sucks your time and energy. Do not waste it. In above websites I have spent 2 month of time, and did not take even single payment. That’s why I did not give any link.

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Who can earn more from these site:

  1. Those who are strong in getting more referral joining
  2. Who are interested in investment earning

Others do not try.

More Money earning apps and website trusted and with Payment proof

                                    Good luck!!!!!!


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