How to earn money by uploading videos (Earn up to $ 1000 per month)


You Tube # 1:

How to earn money by uploading videos in YouTube:

YouTube is associated with Google company. You can earn money by uploading your own videos. The video content should be of yours. One of the best, easiest and most trustful site in all over world, for this you need to start your own channel. No investment requires, Gmail ID itself enough to start your channel. If you work hard you can earn up to 2000$ per month. They are displaying ads on your videos. This app gives money to your creativity. A sucessive Youtubers are earning upto $5000 Per month

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How to Start Earning from YouTube:

  1. First of all, you need to create Gmail account, if you have already that’s enough.
  2. Go to,
  3. Then sign in using your Gmail ID,
  4. Start your own channel whatever name you like.
  5. See at the right corner big up arrow mark
  6. Click on that, it will go to upload page.
  7. Click on up load arrow mark as shown in the upload page
  8. Create your own video in whichever category like entertainment, sports, education etc.
  9. Upload your video in YouTube as said point no 5 to 7.
  10. 10.Publish your video
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11.Then your video on YouTube

12.Share that video URL link to your friends. Let them watch your video.

13.For monetization your channel must be get 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers

14.After reaching 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers you have to apply in YouTube to displaying ads on your video through Google AdSense.

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15.To apply Google AdSense, you need to create AdSense account.

16.After cresting of AdSense account, you channel goes to review.

17.After completion of channel review, YouTube enable monetization on your channel.

18.Then you can start your earning.

What should not do:

  1. The uploaded video content should not be other’s copy righted content or remix (by changing videos property).
  2. Do not get the YouTube views from third party.
  3. Do not watch your video again and again by yourself.
  4. You should not click ads displaying on your videos by yourself, if u do so, YouTube suspend your account. Intensive click will lead to suspend your account.
  5. You should not engage people to click ads on your video.
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What is Copy rights:

YouTube is very strong in copy rights issues. A video content material (may be video, audio or material) always belonging to the original owner. if you use such material which is not belonging to you, you will receive copyright strike. Maximum 3 srikes are allowed for your account standing. For clearing one stike it take 3 month period of time.

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How to use copy righted material in youtube:

For this youtube have special pass which is called as Creative common. Creative common videos are available all over the world. Content has to give creative common license to their video, which owner allow you to use their video on YouTube.

Revenue share:

  1. Google will take 45% of ad revenue share from Your video, this is for your own content.
  2. Remaining 55 % belongs to you. It will credit to your AdSense account.
  3. For creative common Google 45 %, 27.5 % for content owner, 27.5% you.
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Key way to earn:

  1. Show your Creativity to your audience,
  2. Creating trusted Subscriber,
  3. Be honest for your subscriber.
  4. Show uniqueness.

Min withdrawal: 100 $ Bank Transfer.

Maximum earning: Your limit

Daily working time: 60 mints.

Hard work needed: 100 %.

Payment type: Bank Transfer.

Rating: 4.3 star, 1 billion users

Trusting level: 100%

Available country: ALL

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