Key way to earn in Screen unlock apps with payment proof

  1. Globus app # 17:                      

Get rental on your android/iOS device screen. They display ads on your screen after screen lock turn on. They pay from 0.0025 $ to 0.01 $ per ads to show on your screen. The ads payment will be directly added in your Globus wallet. The ads rewards depending upon your country. you can earn more money by referring your friend to Globus app. You get 10 % commission rate when your friend cash out.

Click here to sign up and start earn

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Min withdrawal:  10 $ PayPal, 0.5 $ Webmoney.

Maximum earning: depending upon ads availability.

Daily working time: 1 secs per ad.

Hard work needed: 1 %.

Payment type: PayPal, WebMoney.

Devices Required: Android 4.0.3 +

Rating: 4.4 star, 100 K users

Trusting level: 80%

Available country: ALL.


  1.  Slide joy # 18:

Get paid free cash by displaying ads and news on your Screen. They pay ads reward in terms of caret. One ads will get one caret. Sum of 1000 carets is equal to 1$ and so on. You can withdraw your money by PayPal cash, Gift cards etc. do not try any tricks, they have special algorithm to detect your tricks. To earn more make your screen normal. You can even donate the money you make from Slidejoy to give cash to charity.

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Sign up Bonus: 20 carats

Click hereto sign up and start earn

Min withdrawal:  2 $ PayPal.

Maximum earning: depending upon ads availability.

Daily working time: 10 secs per ad.

Hard work needed: 5 %.

Payment type: PayPal, Gift cards.

Devices Required: Android 4.1 +

Rating: 4.4 star, 91 K users

Trusting level: 100%

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Available country: ALL.


  1. Slide Apps # 19:

Earning money by displaying latest news, magazines and ads. Each news reward you up to 8 coins. Sum of 240 coins equal to 1 rupee. In this app you can earn extra coins from data entry, giving opinion, downloading apps and referral.

Sign up Bonus: 3 rupees.

Click here to sign up and start earn

Min withdrawal:  50 rupees Paytm cash.

Maximum earning: your limit.

Daily working time: 10 minutes.

Hard work needed: 20 %.

Payment type: Paytm, Mobile recharge.

Devices Required: Android 4.2 +

Rating: 4.4 star, 100 K users

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Trusting level: 70%


  1. Flikk App # 20:

In this app you cannot withdraw any cash out, you can recharge your wallet balance to your mobile phone. They pay money as monthly rental Rs 10 per 15 days. You do not need to do any work in this app. For extra income you can participate on hourly quiz to win Paytm cash and referral.

Sign up Bonus: 2 rupees + 1 rupee for completing your profile.

Min withdrawal:  10 rupees’ mobile recharge.

Daily working time: 10 minutes.

Hard work needed: 20 %.

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Payment type: Mobile recharge.

Devices Required: Android 4.4 +

Rating: 4.5 star, 41 K users

Trusting level: 100%


  1. Paid unlock # 21:

This app will pay Paypal or Paytm cash to displaying ads on your screen. After completion of your register they display ads on your screen. To get paid, you do NOT have to slide left/right, take a survey, tap for money, download an app, click on the ad or do anything other than to use your phone as you normally do. Refer your friends and earn 5 % daily from your friends earning. They pay in terms of digicoins, Sum of 100 digicoins is equal to 1 $.

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Key Way to earn:

  1. Lock screen ads
  2. Survey offers
  3. Watching videos.

Sign up Bonus: Nil

Click hereto sign up and start earn

Min withdrawal:  2 $ PayPal cash or Paytm cash.

Daily working time: 15 minutes for other offers, 3 secs for lock screen.

Hard work needed: 20 %.

Payment type: PayPal, Paytm.

Devices Required: Android 4.0 +

Rating: 4.1 star, 1.2 K users

Trusting level: 100%

More Money earning apps and website trusted and with Payment proof

Good luck !!!!!



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