Key way to earn in MOO CASH and MOO JOY ,Earn Money $150 per Month By Reviewing apps


MOO CASH & MOO JOY #4 :-    

This is the one of the highest paying app for reviewing other’s apps, playing games and downloading apps. It consists of MOO CASH and MOO JOY. Daily they are paying 700$ to 1000$ all around the world. Here we are going to discuss about the key way to earn in MOO cash and Moo joy.


Downloading apps and reviewing apps. During reviewing any apps always insert the exact keyword what they asked. The rewards will be given in terms of coins only, Sum of 1000 coins equal to 1$. For downloading app please keep it open at least 10 mints, complete tutorial and keep the app in your device until your sponsor get complete their conformation. Once they completed their conformation your coins will credit to your account directly. In this they are providing third party offers like completing surveys, playing games etc.

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Use this formula when you download any app (this is the key way to earn for installing apps)

App link (click)-> google chrome(automatic) -> play store (automatic) -> download app (click install)-> open in play store itself  -> complete tutorial and open it up to 10 mints->comeback to play store by using back key of your mobile-> comeback to MOO cash app by using back key of your phone

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If any interruption on this, they will not reward coins for that particular app.

In this using MOO coupon is an another way of earning coins. You can get these coupons from social network like Reddit and Facebook.

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Use GIVEMEFIVE to get 5 coins and use FREEMONEY to get 20 extra coins.

In this my suggestion is always concentrate on reviewing apps to get 90 % success and downloading app successive rate only 40 %.

Coming to their website, you can get cashback as MOO coins for shopping, recharges, booking a domain worth of 4.99 $ in Godaddy website, Flight ticket booking and ordering food from their site.

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Click here to get Signing in and start earn.

Use invite code: AHEZZL

This app is responsible for Playing Games. For playing games it requires diamonds. In this six types of games are Fruity loop, big7, lucky draw, treasure hunt, fools roll and moo runner.

My suggestion is always play Big7 game, we can get around 75 coins per 10 diamond but other games ratio of diamond to coins is too low 10 coins per 10 diamond.

Click here to get Signing in and Start Earn
Use invite code: AHEZZL

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How to Get Diamonds:

Daily bonus one diamond for normal membership, three diamond for VIP membership, for watching each 5 videos they give 1 diamond (Daily limitation 5 diamonds)

Referral program:

10 % of your friend’s lifetime earning, 10 diamonds for your friend reaching 2000 coins.

Key way to earn:

  1. Daily bonus,
  2. Watching Ads video,
  3. Reviewing apps insert the exact word what  they asked
  4. Downloading apps
  5. Completing 3rd party’s offers.

Signup Bonus: 20 coins and 10 diamonds.

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Min withdrawal: 5$ for US and 3$ for others PayPal Cash.

Maximum earning: Your limit only

Daily working time: 30 mints.

Hard work needed: 5 %.

Payment type: PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Skrill.

Rating: 4.2 star, 2.9 K users

Android availability: 4.4 plus

Trusting level: 100 %

Available country: ALL

               Brief Explanation about Moo cash

Payment proof:

     More Money earning apps and website trusted and with Payment proof 

                 GOOD LUCK!!!!


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