How to get 10,000 views in 2 days with proof? YouTube Free Views Generator (QQtube #1, Grow Viewers #2, Rapid video viewers # 3 and YT monster #4 )


QQtube # 1:

This is the one of the cheapest YouTube free views generator in the world. They are giving one-time signup bonus as 1000 free views. Coming to the paid services their rate 0.90 $ per 1000 views only. They are delivering their order very fast. It will watch your video around 66 secs. In this they give you 1000 views only one time. If you want more u need to do following things

  1. Change your IP address or change your browser or clean on your exiting your browser everything and restart your computer
  2. Create new qqtube account
  3. Subscribe their newsletter formC
  4. Create new twitter account and subscribe qqtube twitter account wait for 2 hour to activate
  5. Pass your captcha
  6. Feed you URL and get 1000 free views


How to get free 1000 views:

  1. Verify your email Id
  2. Subscribe their Newsletter mailing address
  3. Follow them on Twitter
  4. Robot verification
  5. Submit your URL
  6. Get start

Click here to sign up and get 1000 free views

Trusting level: 100 %

Earn money from QQtube:

Get paid if your friend who joined from your referral link, purchase any services from QQtube. The given percentage is the amount of the order you will receive for referring the person.

Level 1: 20% for direct referral

Level 2: 5% referee’s referral

Grow viewers # 2:

This is the one of the YouTube view generator which provides you 1:1 ratio. If you watch one view, then you will get one view. They reward you in terms of points. To get one point you need to watch at least 40 secs in a video. After completion of 200 others youtube views you will get 50 extra bonus points.


How to get more points?

  1. Set auto player
  2. Do like, subscribe and comment others YouTube content
  3. Get 50 bonus points
  4. Get premium membership

Trusting level: 70 %

Click here to join

Rapid video viewers # 3:

This is another YouTube free views generator. It will increase your YouTube channel views and subscription as said above. They reward you in terms of coins only. For watching one video you will get one coin and for each subscription you will get 2 coins. You cannot get fixed views from this generator. You just need to add your video on below mentioned column. To add your video on their dashboard you need to spend 50 coins.

Key way to earn coins:

  1. Watching videos will get 1 coin
  2. Doing Subscription will get 2 coins
  3. Purchasing coins

Trusting level: 50 %

 Click here to join       

Yt #4:

This is one of the most trusted youtube free views generator. You can exchange views, likes, subscription and comments. They reward you in terms of credits. You can convert credits to your channel views, likes, subscription and comments. For watching 20 secs video they will give you 2 credits and each qualified likes, subscription and comments will get 25 credits.

After reaching enough points you can start your campaign. To get daily credits you need to watch at least 50 videos through their client beta version. After completion of 50 views you can get your bonus according to your level. Your daily bonus depending upon your level.

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Key way to earn credits:

  1. Watching videos will get up to 20 credits
  2. Likes, subscribe, comment will get 25 credits each
  3. Purchase views, Likes, subscribe, comment and dislike
  4. Purchase credits
  5. Increase your level
  6. Referral

Trusting level: 100 %

Click here to sign up and start earn credits

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                                                                                    Good luck !!!


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