How to Place adfly URL in Social Networks (100 % working, Earn $ 700 per month)


How Place adfly URL in Social Networks:

Placing URL Shortner’s URL in Social media leads to get great income. You can earn upto $ 1000 Per month for just passing the URLs. All social medias are not allowing to do the same, but some tricks may help you to pass URL.

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ü  First create an account in Adfly and social media where you want to place the URL links. Click this, If you do not know.

ü  Create a blog using blogger or tumbler or website

ü  Just post at least minimum 10 post related to any.

ü  If you have a niche website, you can earn more money

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ü  If your post is related to any movie or viral content, then you can earn more than $          1500 per month

ü  Then you link with your original content.

How to create a blog in

v  Create an e-mail Id in Gmail.

v  Go to, and click to Create Your Blog tap

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v   Sign in through your Gmail id to the

v  Enter name of your Blog (related to what), Click to continue

v  Click the create New Blog tab.

v  Enter your Blog title and select your blog URL (. com/.in/ or any)

v  Then it will show the home page of your blog.

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v   Then click to New post, Your Blog is ready.

Write a post and click publish tab. Then your post will be online…

Steps to Pass the URL 

v  Sign in URL shortner website

v  Copy the link which you want to short

v  Paste it into Shrink box, get shorted URL

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v  Open new Post section of your blog, click link tab (old link will be erased, if any).

v  Select the sentence where you want to paste your shortner URL, Link with it

v  Publish it.

v  Open your blog post

v  Then pass the Blog post’s URL (which has shorted URL) through FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, Etc…

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Advantage of this method:

  1. You can get more visitor to your blog, you can get more income as bonus with that
  2. You can easily pass your adfly url in social networks.
  3. This is 100% working and legit method.

Thank you!!! Have Nice Day….


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