Top 10 tricks helps you to identify a website or Apps really pays or not


How to identify a website or Apps really pays or not:

In this world online money earning is the best way of earning more money, but 90% of websites are cheating their workers/users without paying their wages. They will earn from their workers. This topic may useful to save your time and cost. Here you can find the 10 tricks helps you to identify a website or Apps really pays or not. Main motivation of these scam websites are

  1. Gaining Numerous traffic.
  2. Getting more sponsorship/advertisement
  3. Earning millions of money without spending money.
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Identification of website or Apps really pays or not

  1. Pay out threshold:

If the payment threshold is more than 20 $ (INR 1200), 99 % of the money earning website would be Scam. My question is why they cannot make their pay out threshold as minimum level of 3 $, we are only paying our transaction charges. Some of the websites are having payout threshold of $ 2000. They are 100 % Scam only. Example: Fifty-News, EK money. Club etc., Do not believe dot club websites.

  1. High pay for simple task: (without any purchase)

If the website is paying more than 1 $ (INR 66) for completing one simple task like completing surveys, reviews, data entry, translations etc. that would be 100 % Scam/cheating. Because an advertiser will pay maximum 0.5$ to 1$ to their one task. In this after website commission we will get maximum 1 cent to 50 cents only. Aware of this.

  1. High pay for watching videos:

An advertiser will pay maximum 0.01 $ to displaying their ad at one time. Finally, to watch one ad we will get maximum 0.005 $. In this some of the android apps are paying 0.05$ for watching one ad (Example: Watch and Earn). Is it possible? Defiantly not. This is the symbol of scam/Fraud. Wake up guys.

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  1. Improper contact/support forum:

If a website does not have any contact forum that would 100 % scam. If an organization, how they are supporting to their advertiser as well as they have to support their worker. A fraud website does not support their worker.

  1. Lowest pay for watching ad videos:

Some of the android apps are paying very low, to get 1 $ you need to watch 5000 ads.Compare to data charges to dollar conversion is too low. For watching one ad you will get 0.0002 $. One ad eats minimum 2 MB data; to get one dollar you have feed 10 GB data. In India 1GB data will be Rs 51/-. To get 66 INR, you have to spend Rs 510 /-. This kind of activity also comes to scam only. Do not smell these apps.

  1. Improper about us:

The real paying website/apps always provide legal information; it does not hide his legal information. Before entering into a website check these data.

  1. Paid promotions:

If a app/website gives some credits for giving good reviews and five-star rating, that would be 100 % Scam/fraud apps. A legit website does not motivate such activity; they will ask your suggestions to improve their service. Before downloading any money earning apps, check google play store user’s reviews.

  1. Sign up promotions:

Some websites are giving free 5 to 50 $ as sign up bonus, this is the indication of fraud website. Why they have to give this much money, think of it guys. If a website gives more than 1 $ as sign up bonus that would be scam.

  1. Paying in to take payout:

The website/apps asks some money to payout that would be scam. A true app/website does not ask any payment to complete your payout process.

  1. High pay for one referral:

A legit website does not pay much credits for one referral. A website/apps pays for improper or non-valid referral that would be Scam.

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