Easy and Simple 15 Tricks Helps You to Getting Adsense Approval Faster than Normal Process. (Blogger and Websites)


Simple AdSense tricks for blogger or website:

Getting approval from google AdSense is the best way of earning money form online for your blog or website. While applying AdSense please keep it in your mind.

  1.  Proper or clean BlogSpot or website design:

In India mostly 60 % of the cases are being rejected due to this problem, do not apply when your blog under construction. If you once applied do not change the theme setting at all. Use high quality theme for your blogger

  1.  Improper placement of verification code:
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This is the very challenging task for new blogger and youtube hosted account. 50 % of the publisher still waiting due to this problem. I was waited more than a month. Finally, I got found, for youtube hosted account you have to place the verification code manually. First get the approval for blogger or then you apply the same for youtube, do not reverse it.

  1. High quality/unique content:

Providing high quality content leads 300 % faster than normal process. You have to Concentrate on your originality. Do not write a blog for AdSense/any other ad network’s approval, write it for your audience/visitors.

  1. Avoid scrapped content:
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Do not write more story about it.

Example: Touching nose with your hand you can do this directly, instead of this, you should not touch your nose through your head, ear.

  1. Improper site navigation:
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All the social media networks have to be properly linked. Before applying AdSense approval check these all social media icon. If you do not have account, you just remove it from your blog. 20 % of the publishers are being rejected due to this problem.

  1. Well written posts:

At least you should have minimum 30 – 40 post with minimum 500- 700 words for blogger. For website 15 –20 posts are enough to apply.

  1. Add support forum:
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Add contact us, blog search, sitemap, privacy policy, FAQ and about us pages.

  1. Lack of visitors:

You must have minimum 30 visitors per day, ensure this before apply. To get more visitor use your social media network. There are millions of groups are in social media network. Search there related to your topic, join with them and pass your URL to get more visitors.

  1. Unsupported language:

Visit this before apply.. list of AdSense supported languages are given.

  1. Aging of your blogs in blogger:
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Your blog should have at least minimum age of 6 months in online.

  1. No space to place google ads:

This is very interesting, do not put too many ads on your blogs. Give some space to google ads.

  1. Avoid copyrighted images:

Do not use search engine images. There is some free images website is here.

  1. Make your images reasonable:
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Provide reasonable images in your blog.

  1. Concentrate on texts and paragraphs.

Do not put too many headlines. Use more subheading instead of heading.

  1. Buy custom domain:

Buy a custom domain(.com, .net, .org, .xyz etc.). Link it with your blogger. This is a value added service only.

These 15 points may helpful to you…..

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             Good luck!!! Have a Nice Day…




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