Fifty News Website Real or Fake and Ek money Club, Nor money club Review

  1. News fifty # 1:

This is the sites for earning money by reading news. They are giving around 7 to 10 $ per news. For referral joining they are giving 150 $ per valid referral. It is available for all country. Daily you can read up to 10 news. We tried this site, and earned 2335 $ in a week, but we did not get paid out. So guys do not believe these sites at all. This is 100 % scam site; they earn traffic from us.

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If a site allows you to withdraw money more than 50 $, Then it will be 90 % Scam only. Do not believe these sites at all.


  1. Ek money club, Nor money club, paid money club, true # 2:

Next we are going to about this site. This site gives money to watch their sponsors ads, by just entering 4-digit number. For watching one set of ad they are adding around 5 cents to your wallet. Minimum cash out threshold is 150$. After reaching 150 $, they put on bomb to your head, which is ‘To take cash out you need to join 40 referrals’. Ok, we consider you have made 40 referrals, then again one bomb, ‘to take cash out you need to pay 10 $ to their bitcoin wallet’. That’s why I say this is a scam web site only.

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My question is ‘why they cannot detect from our wallet just 10 $ for cash out’ They never paid out to anybody. All shown paid out pages are created by them. Please do not believe these sites at all and do not waste your time.

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We tried this site and earned 826.5 $ and made 45 valid referrals, but we did not get paid out. They said to us need to pay 10 $ to their bitcoin wallet or you need to wait 60 days to activate your account. we had chosen wait for 60 days’ option, then what happened you know, that fraud people deactivated my account. I asked their support people’ no reply from them’. Ours 15 days’ work had gone.

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Do not waste your valuable time on this money. Club sites. Hope you understand about these sites. Any comments or support and any reviews feel free to contact us. We update you further fraud after finding any fraud pages. Before believing any money earning sites please visit our site for further investigation and we spend our time instead you.

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