Top 10 Glass Cube or Egg Breaking Apps Review( Earn Money By Clicking On The Cube or Eggs)


Glass Breaking app:

In these apps you need to break the given glass disc/cube or egg. By touching on your android screen it will get break. The number of touches will be varied according to the prize money. Now they are not paying money to their worker. Be aware of these apps and don’t waste your time at all. They are delaying to pay. First I do not know how these apps are getting 4.4 + star, but now I got knew. These apps are offering some clicks/touches for their 5-star rating. That is why their star rating always high.

Getting 5 star in Play store: They offer some clicks to their user to give 5-star rating in play store

Top 10 glass disc/cube or egg breaking apps:

  1. Glass breakage
  2. Cash visa
  3. Earn cash PP
  4. Make money earn cash app
  5. Make Money Egg Breaker
  6. Make Money
  7. Make Money 2017 – PayPal
  8. Make money – earn cash free
  9. Make money easy PayPal
  10. 10.Make Money Earn PayPal cash
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Glass breakage #33:

Make money 5 $ by touching 1,00,000 times on the glass cube. In between each 20 touches you must watch ad. Ads timing will be varied according to their sponsor. For watching one ad you will get 0.001 $. They are giving gifts for each 360 minutes to their user. The gift amount will be varied between 0.001 $ to 5 $. In this get 5 $ as sign up bonus, for one referral get 0.1 $ per 1 $ cash out and minimum Payout of 15 $

Why they are giving this much ad, to get 5 $ we need to watch almost 50,000 ads. It is not the worth for time and data charges. I have never seen any cash out.

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Trusting level: 50 %

Cash Visa # 34:

Get paid 50 $ by clicking 10,00,000 times on the given cube. This is one of the Scam app. Do not download it. Once if this app got uninstalled due to some technical error, then you can cannot resume. You have to start it from the first. Very worst app. It’s not the worth of time.

Trusting level: 5 %

Earn Cash PP #34:

This is the brother program for that cash visa app. This is same as cash visa app.Why these apps are giving big target 10 lakhs clicks for 50 $, why they cannot make 1 $ for 1 lakhs clicks. Anyhow user only have to pay PayPal charges, what is their problem. This is the cheating motive only. Without giving money they have to get more downloads.

Trusting level: 5 %

Make money earn cash app #35:

This app one step higher than above two. We do not know what is the price. The price is random. After clicking 10 lakhs times on the egg the price money will come to know. They give 500 clicks for watching ads. To break the egg, you need to watch 2,000 ads. To get reward it will take almost one month times. No referral program

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Trusting level: 60 %

Make Money Egg Breaker #36:

In this app you need to break the given egg by touching 1,00,000 times. in between each 20 clicks the ads will be displayed. Price money we do not know. You need to watch 5,000 ads to get unknown price. You will get reward 0.0007 $ per ads you watch. There is no sign up bonus. Get 0.0035 $ as sign in bonus daily. Minimum cash out is 2 $. To reach 2 $ we have to spend (5,000 X 4 Mb (per ads) = 20,000 Mb) almost 20 GB Data + approximately 20 days 1 ½ hours (daily 150 x 30 sec= 4500 sec= 75 minutes= 1 ¼ hours)

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This is not really worth of times and data.

Trusting level: 50 %

Make Money #37:

Do not believe this app. Do not have control on their user. It does not have any sign up procedure, does not have any price money announcement.

Trusting level: 0 %

Make Money 2017 – PayPal # 38:

Earn free $ 100 PayPal cash by clicking on the egg 10,00,000 times. Get 100 clicks by watching one ad with the time interval of one minute per ad. To get 100 $ you have to watch 10,000 ads. It is really waste of time and data.

Trusting level: 10 %

Make money – earn cash free # 39:

Break the egg by clicking 1,00,000 times and earn free PayPal cash $ 2. In this, they reward you in terms of credits. Sum of 30,000 credits is equal to 2 $. Earn credits by breaking the egg and watching ads. Watching one ad will get up to 10 credits. To reach 30,000 credits you have to watch at least 5,000 ad videos. This is also waste of data and time.

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Trusting level: 50 %

Make money easy PayPal #40 :

Get paid free unknown PayPal cash upon completion of 10,00,000 clicks. This one is waste app. Once you come out from the app click page, it will reset to 10,00,000 clicks. what they have mentioned in the FAQ all are fake. They do not keep their promises.

Trusting level: 0 %

Make Money Earn PayPal cash # 41:

This is similar app like no 4 app. Get 500 clicks by rating them 5-star.

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Trusting level: 10 %


Guys do not believe these breakage apps. Do not waste your time on these apps. I never heard about their payment. All the play store star rating is paid one (proof attached). Using these apps really sucks your data. There is a chance to break your mobile screen. Their main motive is getting more download without spending money. Get wake up guys.

Why these app developers are always giving us very big target. Anyhow we are only responsible for our PayPal transaction chargers. Why They cannot make simple target like 50,000 clicking per 1 to 5 $ and immediate pay.

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                        Good Luck !!!!


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