How to submit blogspot website to Google search console


How to submit blogspot website to Google search console:

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Let see How to submit blogspot website to Google search console. Adding your blogger blogspot website to Google search console, can get better index result in google search. Many blogger is neglecting this step due to his laziness. This is the most important than creating a post. If you do not do this process, it may take more than one year to get google rank. You have to submit each URL in your blog to google search console. First of all, you have to generate XML sitemap for your blogspot website

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Follow these steps to submit blogspot website to Google search console :

  1. Login to your blogger dashboard.
  2. Go to settings => search preference => Click google search console edit.
  3. It will redirect you to google webmaster tool dashboard
  4. Click Add property at right corner red coloured
  5. You will see popup window. There you just enter blog URL
  6. Next Click ADD
  7. You will see new dashboard as shown in the figure. Submit Sitemap, if you did not before.
  8. Click Crawl at your Search Console Dashboard => Click Fetch as google
  9. After that you will see the picture as shown.
  10. Submit your blog URL text next to main blog / symbol… refer picture.
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Note:Here you will see two types of bot. one is desktop and another one is smartphone. Select Desktop google bot.

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  1. Click Fetch and render
  2. Wait for 30 sec to complete process
  3. Click “Request Indexing”
  4. You will see the popup window
  5. Complete Captcha and click any, crawl this URL or crawl this url and its directories
  6. Click ok
  7. That all you have successfully submitted your post in to google search, within one or two minutes it will re crawl….you can see your post in google search.
  8. Repeat the same process for remaining post to submit blogspot website to Google search console
  9. If you have time you can select Smart phone google bot and you can fetch your URL with smartphone google bot.
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