How to get YouTube free views, likes, comments, and subscriptions


They are dealing with both exchange services and paid services. By their exchange program you can connect with other YouTube users. You can exchange YouTube free views, likes, comments, and subscriptions with other, for this rewards you will get in terms of credits. Start campaigns using these credits to increase your views, likes, comments and subscriptions on yours account. Credits will be varied according to your membership program and level.

For each valid like and subscription you get 25 credits each (like=25 and sub=25). For viewing others YouTube content, you will get according to their watching time. Viewing time vary according to others campaign. For 20 secs video you will get 2 credits and so on. All credits will be deposited on your Yt monster wallet. Please see the credit variation given below.

Campaign program:

This is the platform, in which your credits are converted into your channel views, likes, subscription and comments. In free membership you need to spend three times of credits to get single output and you can start only three Campaign at a time. For viewing 20 secs on a video they charge four credits. For one like or subscription they charge you 150 credits. Example campaigns…

Daily bonus:

They give you daily bonus after your completion of 50 YouTube views. The credits vary according to your level.  Please refer below.

Key way to earn credits:

  1. Through exchange platform
  2. Daily bonus
  3. Watching YouTube videos
  4. Referral (15 credits per each valid referral)

How to earn credits through watching YouTube videos?

Login to your YT monster account-> click right corner top side client (version) -> it will go to another page click open (version) beta -> another small tab will open-> click start -> redirect to YouTube through their server -> earn credits. Beta version is automatic you do not need to stand.

Signup bonus: You will get 100 credits after completion of sign up process.

Click here to sign up and start earn credits

Trusting level: 100 %

Paid services:

In this program you need to pay money for getting YouTube views, likes, subscription, comments, shares and credits. Prices are given below.

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Good luck !!!!


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