Top 16 Highest Paying Free Bitcoin Apps and its originality check


Top 16 Highest Paying Free Bitcoin Apps:

  1. Santhosi Faucet-Bitcoin miner
  2. Free bitcoin BTC miner
  3. Free bitcoin miner
  4. Free bitcoin Earning
  5. Free bitcoins
  6. Claim free bitcoin
  7. Fu Bitcoin-Earn unlimited free bitcoin
  8. Free bitcoin India
  9. Free Bitcoin V2.2: Win upto $ 200
  10. Free santhosi-bitcoin
  11. En Free Bitcoin-Earn bitcoin unlimited
  12. Bitcoin Captcha-Bitcoin faucet
  13. Free bitcoin
  14. Bitcoin miner robot
  15. Bitcoin free claim –BTC miner
  16. Wheel of santhosi

Santhosi Faucet-Bitcoin Miner # 52:

Ø  Claim 500 santhosi per 30 minutes.

Ø  Earn more santhosi by downloading apps, playing games, completing surveys and Watching videos

Ø  Earn 300 santhosi for watching one ad videos

Ø  Minimum payout is 4,00,000 santhosi

Ø  This app really does not pay, I tried and reached cash out threshold of 400 K santhosi but it did not pay for me,

Ø  Totally Scam app, guys please do not try this app and do not waste your time at all.

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Ø  Trusting level 5 %

Free Bitcoin BTC miner # 53 :

Ø  Claim 1000 santhosi for each 30 minutes

Ø  Minimum payout is 5,00,000 Santhosi

Ø  Get paid 300 santhosi for watching one ad.

Ø  Get more santhosi by watching videos from different sponsor.

Ø  I tried this app and withdrew 500 k santhosi, but never received my payout. I do not know why these guys are doing like this, anyhow they are getting income from the ad sponsor, why they cannot do the payment to their worker.

Ø  Simply I wasted my time and effort.

Ø  Trusting level 5 %

Free bitcoin miner # 54:

Ø  Claim 500 santhosi every 30 minutes

Ø  In order to get more santhosi you need to complete simple tasks (surveys, installation and Watching ads)

Ø  Watching one ad will get 250 santhosi

Ø  It is totally scam app. Unfortunately, my mobile got formatted everything what I earned from that got erased. Again I started from the first.

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Ø  Minimum cash out 5,00,000 santhosi.

Ø  I withdrew 500k santhosi, but I did not get paid. No contact us forum. Please do not waste your time on this app.

Ø  Trusting level 5 %

Free bitcoin Earning  #55:

Ø  They have linked with Bonus Bitcoin Faucetwebsite.

Ø  Claim upto 5000 santhosi on every 15 minutes

Ø  Earn more santhosi by completing offers, surveys and Playing disc games

Ø  Daily 5 % of increment on your claim.

Ø  50 % of referral commission

Ø  Your santhosi directly deposited to Coinpot wallet, you can withdraw from that.

Ø  Trusting level 100 %

Free Bitcoins #56 :

Ø  It is just lowest paying apps. Claim upto 10 santhosi for one hour.

Ø  Earn 3 santhosi for watching one video

Ø  Earn more santhosi by downloading apps (upto 300 santhosi)

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Ø  Minimum pay out of 20,000 santhosi

Ø  10,000 santhosi added to your given wallet and 10,000 santhosi remain on your free bitcoin account. You can start your earnings from this 10,000 santhosi

Ø  The cost conversion of data to santhosi is very less, those who have free of data and time can try this app.

Ø  Trusting level: 100 %

Claim free bitcoin 68# and Wheel of santhosi #57 :

Ø  Earn bitcoin based on your luck, Spin on the santhosi board

Ø  Claim santhosi after completion captcha

Ø  Get 3 spin each 15 minutes

Ø  It is a Father program of Wheelofsanthosi app. Both the app’s earning will accumulate in claim free bitcoin account

Ø  Make sure you logged in the same mail address and bitcoin wallet address

Ø  Minimum withdraw of 20,000 santhosi to coin base wallet or XAPO wallet

Ø  To direct withdraw to your bitcoin wallet, the minimum balance should be of 50,000 santhosi.

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Ø  They are paying exactly without any delay

Ø  Earn 1,000 santhosi for valid one referral (max 50 referral)

Ø  I recommend this app to everyone.

Ø  Trusting level 100 %

Use this invite code: GWD8K

Fu Bitcoin-Earn unlimited free bitcoin #58, Free Bitcoin V2.2, Win upto $ 200 # 59 , Free bitcoin India # 60, En Free Bitcoin-Earn bitcoin unlimited #61 , Free bitcoin # 62:

Ø  All the  app’s earnings are based on your luck, lottery type. They are really paying but you cannot fulfil your expectation.

Ø  You can try all Five at a time.

Ø  Claim upto 10,000 santhosi per hour

Ø  Minimum you can get 11 santhosi per hour.

Ø  The lucky number schedule as given below

Free santhosi-bitcoin #63 :

Ø  Low pay scale app

Ø  Claim free santhosi on each 30 minutes

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Ø  Minimum payout is 610 santhosi.

Ø  You can withdraw through Coinbase account or XAPO account

Ø  Trusting level 100 %

Bitcoin Captcha-Bitcoin faucet # 63:

Ø  Very lowest paying app

Ø  Earn bitcoin by solving simple mathematical captcha and watching videos

Ø  To earn 1$ worth of bitcoin it took a month for me

Ø  Minimum withdraw is 0.5 $(2652 santhosi) to Coinbase or xapo account

Ø  Time waste, effort waste and data waste

Ø  Trusting level 100 %

Bitcoin miner robot #65 :

Ø  This is a fake app; the miner is working in offline also. I do not how it is possible.

Ø  This app gives 50,000 k santhosi to give good reviews + 5-star rating.

Ø  Minimum payout is 250 k santhosi

Ø  Trusting level 20 %

Bitcoin claim –BTC miner #66:

Ø  Watching one video will get 150 santhosi

Ø  This app gives 20,000 santhosi to give 5-star rating in play store.

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Ø  Trusting level 10 %

Conclusion :

Guys do not believe in play store ratings and reviews. Giving money for good reviews is not a fair way and that must be a scam app. The real paying app does not ask you to give five-star rating or any positive review. If the payout is more than 20 k santhosi do not install that app, do not waste your time and data. Because, we are the responsible for our transaction charges, why they cannot make our pay out threshold below 20 k santhosi. ‘Earning money by without spending any thing’  this is their ultimate aim. So wake up guys.

This is my personal experience. if anything wrong in this, comment me.

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  Good Luck !!!!


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