Best bitcoin exchange in india to buy or sell your bitcoin (Sell Bitcoin With the Profit 0.04 BTC Extract)


Why this comparison is required(finding best bitcoin exchange in india):

Now a day bitcoin is the most popular and easiest way of earning money in the world. zebpay and unocoin are the biggest exchanges in India and both are trusted. There are lot of price changes in between them. People who do not know the truth might be lose their money.

To know about zebpay click this.

Unocoin bitcoin exchange:

Unocoin is the India’s second biggest bitcoin exchange. In this you can buy or sell bitcoin. To buy or sell bitcoin in this platform you need to open a free account.

How to buy a bitcoin in unocoin:

  1. Sign up using your mail id
  2. Complete mail confirmation process
  3. Set 6-digit pin number to access your account
  4. Enter your personal details and bank details
  5. Complete KYC verification process by uploading PAN card, photo and ID proof
  6. Get verified and activate your account (it will take 5 days)
  7. Deposit amount
  8. Using deposited amount buy bitcoin.
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IMPS/NEFT transaction:

They do not accept any raw cash deposit. Unocoin charges a fee of 1% to buy or sell bitcoins for new member and for upgraded account (having golden membership) 0.7% only. IGST 18 % will be charged as transaction fee. It will take 3-4 hour to complete your transaction.

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Net banking and PayU money:

It is immediate deposit way. It will charge you 1.9 % as transaction fee.

How to sell a bitcoin:

Tab sell bitcoin -> enter the bitcoin you need to sell -> sold amount will accumulate in Unocoin INR wallet -> transfer to your bank

Minimum selling of bitcoin should be worth of 1,000 /-. This is the drawback of unocoin exchange. If you are making transaction from unocoin wallet to some other wallet then the remaining bitcoin is below the worth of  Rs1000, you cannot withdraw it. To take withdraw you need to deposit additional amount. For example,

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After completion of all xyz formalities, if the remaining bitcoin worth is Rs 700. This amount cannot be withdraw-able. To withdraw this amount, you need to deposit some amount Rs 350 +.

Zebpay vs Unocoin Price comparison (buying and selling)

Buying a bitcoin:

You can see there is very little difference between them while purchasing of bitcoin. No issue about it.

Selling a bitcoin:

This are the major difference between them. In zebpay you can sell a bitcoin at the rate of  Rs 8,24,109, At the same time in Unocoin you can sell a bitcoin at the rate Rs 7,98,656. Why that much difference, if you sell a bitcoin in Zebpay exchanges you will get almost 4% (0.04 BTC)per bitcoin as profit (in INR 30,000 & in USD 500 $)

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Limit to withdraw: In unocoin to take withdraw the bitcoin should be worth above Rs 1,000/- .But in Zebpay there is no limit.


Btc2U website review:

This the bitcoin investment platform. They are offering two type of investment plan to their client. One is fixed contract and another one is regular contract. They use our Bitcoins for exchange process and liquidity. The profit gained by the company is shared with you. The proceeds are credited to you directly.

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Fixed contract:

This is one-year plan, they use our bitcoin and after completion of a year you get double time of that you invest in previous year. Before completion of contract period (one year) you cannot withdraw your bitcoin.

Consider your investment as ‘A’ and at the end of the year you will get ‘2A’. once if you receive your bitcoin again you can start your own Campaign or you can drop it. It is available from 0.03 BTC to your limit.

Regular contract:

This is 18 months’ contract plan. As per this plan you earn 10 % for 18 months. This contract starts from 0.1 BTC to your limit. For example, you are investing 0.1 Bitcoin, You will get 0.01 bitcoin per month. At the end of 18 months you will get 0.18 bitcoin.

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Referral earning:

Get paid 10 % bitcoin of your friend investment or withdraw bitcoin.


People must aware of these bitcoin exchanges, the rates are varying in second by second. Small urgency may lead you to loss of money. So find your best exchange while selling any crypto currencies.

                                Good Luck !!!!


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