Top Four Highest Paying Lottery App in India Review(Change to win Rs 50,00,000)


Highest paying lottery app in India:

You can earn bulk money from these apps with No investment, and no download or installation, and depending upon your luck

Top 4 Lottery Apps:

  1. Lucky day
  2. Ring and Spin
  3. Snuckls
  4.  Qriket

 Lucky day # 24:

This is the highest paying lottery app in India. Play your free daily lotto and scratch cards to win real PayPal cash and Gift cards. This app provides chance of winning opportunities up to $ 1,00,000 daily to their user. This is a scratcher type app. You get new scratch cards daily and it offers free scratches, lotto, and raffle games to win real cash.

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Win up to $10,000 by matching 3 symbols on the available scratch cards. Suppose if you get less than three winning symbol, you will get free chips. Sum of 1,00,00,000 chips is equal to $10 and so on. You can redeem them as gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, Target, etc

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Key way to earn chips:

  1. Lotto
  2. Watching videos
  3. Daily bonus
  4. Bonus chips from Scratcher we played

Trusting level: 100 %

Sign up bonus: $1

Minimum Payout: $ 5 (50,00,000 chips)

Referral earning: Get 25,000 chips per friends.

Winning percentage: 2 %

Payment type: PayPal, Gift cards.

Available country: All


Ring and Spin # 25:

This app gives the opportunities to earn $ 0.15 daily. You will get daily 15 spins maximum after watching 15 videos. It won’t allow you to earn more than $ 0.15 per day. To get monthly bonus spin you have to spin 15 spins in a day compulsory for at least 25 days. Monthly spin will activate on 5th of every month. PayPal is not allowed for Indians (only Payza allowed)

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Trusting level: 50 %

Winning spins: 2,4,8,12,15

Minimum Payout: $ 18

Payment type: PayPal and Payza

Signup bonus: Nil


Snuckls # 26:

This is free lucky draw. To get tickets you need to watch and listen 5 youtube videos. The category is there to make sure you actually watch the video. They allow us to get 10 tickets per day.The winning amount depending upon the amount of entries. They choose winning number from Georgia Fantasy 5 lottery. Matching of all 5 will get 98 % of jackpot prize, matched 4 for 1.5% of the Jackpot, matched 3 for 0.4 %, matched 2 for 0.1 %.

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You can withdraw your money through PayPal or Amazon gift cards. They pay all redemption request within 24 hours. Referral earning is an another way of earning money. See the referral percentage

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My suggestion:

It consumes more time and data to get 10 tickets. Those who are having free data can try this.If you play this game, please select the number form Georgia Fantasy 5 lottery.

Trusting level: 100 %

Winning percentage: 10 %

Sign up: use Facebook account.

Payment type: PayPal or Amazon gift cards


Qriket # 27:

This is just like ring and spin, but in this can win upto $ 200 per spin. This app is available only for US, Canada and UK. Others can access this app by changing VPN to any of the mentioned countries. Do not allow the app to access your location.

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Trusting level: 100 %

Winning percentage: 50 %

Payment type: PayPal

Get more Trusted sites:

More Money earning apps and website trusted and with Payment proof

                            Good Luck !!!!!


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