What is Silver Sulphate , Balancing equation, Uses and Video.

What is Silver Sulphate , Balancing equation, Uses and Video.
What is Silver Sulphate , Balancing equation, Uses and Video.

What is Silver Sulphate ?

Silver sulphate or also called silver sulphate. Its molecular formula is Ag2 SO4. This silver sulphate is fake and is more likely to change color if exposed to air. silver sulphate does not dissolve much in water and is slightly soluble. They are coated with silver to prevent them from dissolving in materials such as silver. Silver sulphate contains +2 cation silver ions and requires -2 anion silver ion to balance it.

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      Formula  Ag2SO4

     Molar Mass 311.799 g/mol

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     Molecular weight 313.8

     Melting Point   652 °C, 925 K, 1206 °F

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     Boiling Point    1085 °C, 1358 K, 1985 °F

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Silver Sulphate Formula

silver sulfate - Wikidata


Silver Sulphate Balancing Equation

Reacting with silver sulphate gives us silver sulphate. Reacts with two ions, cation and anion.

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               2Ag + SO4 → Ag2SO4


How to Balance Ag2O = Ag + O2 (Silver oxide Decomposing) - YouTube

Silver sulphate uses :

  1. Silver sulfate is used to prevent other types of infections in many patients with burns.
  2. Silver sulphate is widely used for medical purposes.
  3. It has the ability to destroy bacterial cells.
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