Copper sulphate Formula, Structure, Uses and Video

Copper sulphate Formula, Structure, Uses and Video
Copper sulphate Formula, Structure, Uses and Video

What is Copper sulphate?

Cubric sulphate is commonly referred to as peacock sulfate and copper sulphate. The chemical formula of kubric sulphate is CuSO4. Copper sulphate is found in blue. Copper sulphate is water soluble. Its color is blue due to the presence of copper.

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Formula  CuSO4

IUPAC ID Copper(II) sulfate

Molar mass  159.609 g/mol

Melting point 110 °C

Density 3.6 g/cm³

Soluble in Water

Copper Sulphate Formula:

Copper react with sulphte to form copper sulphate reaction.

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Cupric sulfate Formula



Copper(II) sulfate - Wikipedia

Balancing Equation Copper Sulphate:


Copper sulphate reacts with sodium hydroxide to form the coper hydroxide and the sodium sulphate. As usual it will be double decomposition and split into cu 2+ and SO4 2. Sodium hydroxide then decomposes into Na + and OH. After that two ions will join.

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CuSO4 + 2NaOH → Cu(OH)2 + Na2SO4

Uses of Copper Sulphate:

  • Copper is essential for the blood’s need. If I soak it for a few hours and drink it, the body organs will work very well.
  • Copper sulphate is used for public health and safety.
  • Copper sulphate is used as a fungicide, herbicide and herbicide.
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Side effects of copper sulphate:

  • Inflammation of the upper part of the body.
  • Is the absence of energy in our body.
  • All the changes that take place in our body are seen differently.
  • Disorders such as diarrhea and light sensitivity may occur.
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