How to convert copied content into unique original content


How to convert copied content into unique original content:

Now a day’s bloggers almost 50% stealing others content and ideas. But they failures in editing, others content or failures to republish, even some software easily identifies your copied content. Example pilagrim checker, copy scape, google search etc. Also, you cannot get good search engine ranking for this copied content. In this tutorial, we are going to see how to convert copied content into original content.

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There are so many ways are there in this we are going the best way to convert copied content into unique original content

  1. Article rewriter:

This is the best method compare to other services. Online free article rewriter tools are available in the world. You can use any one of them. Paste your copied content => click spin it or rewrite it => get unique original content. Use it on your website and publish it, that’s it,

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Note: before publishing your content, do not forget to check with plagiarism or copy scope software…

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  1. Online paid freelancer paid services:

There is some freelancer paid services are available to rewrite others content.

  1. Rewrite by yourself:

Take ideas from another blog, and form a sentence by yourself. Post it on your blog, you will be king for that….

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Guys use article spinner tools to convert copied content into unique original content

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