Top 6 Unlimited best free VPN for India


Unlimited best free VPN for India:

  1. Touch VPN
  2. Free Residential VPN | Tuxler
  3. Hoxx VPN
  4. Setup VPN
  5. DotVPN — a better way to VPN
  6. FreeVPN Free VPN Proxy

What is Unlimited best free VPN for India:

Unlimited best free VPN means no limitation or restriction on data and usage time. An VPN provider has to give unlimited data through their VPN. You have to pay as monthly rental Some chrome or fire box extension to use their VPN products. Here I am giving you the best free VPN for personal computers in India or any country.

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What is VPN:

Before that you must know about what is meant by IP address.

What is IP address:

An IP address is a unique set of numbers that is used to identify your computer online, it’s just like a postal address for your computer, smartphone, or any other device with access to the internet.

Why ip address are necessary:

An IP address is necessary in order to send information over the internet, annoyingly an IP address also reveals your geographical location to any website or application that you are trying to access.

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What is VPN:

VPN => Virtual Private Network, which Change your IP address of your computer, your location and make you private browsing.

What is the use of VPN:

  1. VPN is used to change your IP address randomly to protect you from online identity, meaning you can’t be tracked by cybercriminals, advertising agencies or the government tracking network. All of your activity in online is anonymous and your private browsing leaves no tracks behind.
  2. Unblock websites that are not available to your country.
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Some of the chrome extension is offering you unlimited data with unlimited time… let see.

  1. Free Touch VPN (Unlimited best free VPN for India):

Unlimited best free VPN for India users. You have to add it in your chrome extension. It is offering us to connect with 14 countries. For this you have add their chrome extension and activate it. To activate this, no need of any login formalities. Just tab it. You can choose automatic connection or manual country selection. Green colour indicates, you made the connection successfully, orange colour indicates “no connection status”

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How to add chrome extension Click this.

I recommend this every one. Click this to get the Extention

  1. Free Residential VPN | Tuxler :

This is also Unlimited best free VPN for India, but in this chrome extension you cannot select your desire country, this extension selects automatically. No bandwidth limit, free data, No Ads Unlimited and 100% Free. No need of any registration process. Just click on the chrome extension it will get activate.

  1. Hoxx VPN (Unlimited best free VPN for India):

This is also another one Unlimited best free VPN for India. To activate this, you have to complete your sign up process. The temporary password will be sent to your registered mail id. They offer the following countries Japan, Australia, Sweden, Canada, France, Germany, United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Netherland, Italy, India, Hong Kong, Korea South, Belgium, Austria, Israel, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Spain, South Africa, Slovakia, Latvia, Switzerland and Greece

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  1. Setup VPN:

It is the copy of Hoxx VPN. Click this to get the extension.

  1. DotVPN — a better way to VPN (Unlimited best free VPN for India):

It is One of the best free unlimited vpn for India. It uses to connect top countries like Canada, US, UK, Australia etc… it connects almost 35 number of countries. Just download the extension and enter your email id and create your password and activate it with the free of cost. Click this to get the extension

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  1. FreeVPN Free VPN Proxy (Unlimited best free VPN for India):

It uses to connect United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Singpore

Very simple. Click this to get.




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