How to add chrome extension and how to disable chrome extension


Simple way to add chrome extension:

Extension nothing but it will parallel work with your browser just like additional setup. You can add your N number of extension. this is only applicable for PC not for smart phone.

Step1: Open your Chrome browser or any browser

Step2: Click the right corner 3 pointed dots

Step3: It display as shown in the figure. Click More tools

Step4: Click Extension, there you see already installed chrome extension.

Step5: Drag it Down side

Step6: Click there  add chrome extension

Step7: Search what type of extension you want , in search column.

Step8: The all available extension displays, Click ‘add to chrome’ the extension you want to install

Step9: Popup annunciation will arrive and Click to add extension,  It will take 30 – 60 secs to install

Step10: Extension will be added with your chrome browser… Enjoy it


How to disable Chrome extention:

Step:1 Follow until step4 as above said.

Step:2 There  you can see enable or disable button, Click the same.

Step:3 it will be disabled, thats all


Thanking You…. Have a Nice Day….


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