How to Book Irctc Unreserved Ticket Online with Pictured steps


How to book irctc unreserved ticket online:

We can book irctc unreserved ticket online using this irctc official app. To book the ticket you have to download app from google play store. Here on wards you do not want to stand in a long que to get the unreserved ticket. You can do payment using Paytm, Net banking, credit card, debit card, irctc wallet etc.

Also you can book the ticket either to you or to your friend; all of you need to do is, you have to keep the reserved confirmation message or ticket in the printed form; it requires only at that time of verification process. To get the sms is a normal process but for getting printed ticket you or your friend has to take print out from the printing machine which is available in each railway station.

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Using ‘show ticket’ feature the ticket can be showed to the TTE(Travelling Ticket Examiner) or TC. Off-line mode is available to show the paperless ticket if Internet connection not available in the mobile.

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Also you can book platform ticket form this app. Just follow the steps to book irctc unreserved ticket online

Book irctc unreserved ticket online

  1. Download and install UTS app using this link.
  2. Sign up using your phone number and the password will be sent your registered phone number.
  3. Just sign in using phone number and password
  4. Go to Normal booking; you will see two categories ‘Book and travel’ and ‘book and print’.
  5. Book and travel option is useful only for outside station premises/railway track; display on mobile is the travel authority; Set your GPS to High accuracy mode.
  6. Book and print: Book the ticket anywhere, but print the ticket at origination station and printed ticket is travel authority; Travel without ticket printout is punishable.
  7. I recommend second option but in emergency case like very short time to get the train means you just use no1 option.
  8. Click the option what do you want
  9. Fill from and to station
  10. Enter your passenger details. At one-time maximum 4 person in each category is eligible. Also keep mind that which train type you want to go; this is more important at the time of ticket verification
  11. Give payment type R-wallet or other.
  12. Click Paytm or Mobiwiki. Please do not get confuse about remaining payment option. After submission of this page you will get remaining payment option (net banking, credit card etc)
  13. Login to your Paytm account, if you select this.
  14. Scroll down, at there you will see the remaining payment option.
  15. Do the payment, make your journey happily….
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This is the one of the best way of booking irctc unreserved ticket online (book irctc unreserved ticket online). But one thing you should remember, they won’t refund your money against ticket cancellation. Use this app… and share it with your friends.

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