Top 20 Cheap and Best .com Domain Provider in India


Consideration of before registering .com or any Domain:

  1. Make your web address memorable.
  2. Make your domain name search easier by choosing keywords relevant to your audience.
  3. Find & register relevant cheap domain names for your business.
  4. Annual renewal charge per domain

Top 20 Cheap .com domain provider in India.

  1. Hostinger
  2. Godaddy
  3. Bigrock
  4. Hostgator
  5. Mitsu
  6. Hostindia
  7. Indialinks
  8. Publicdomainregistry
  9. Net4
  10. Netlynx
  11. Opensrs
  12. Dfordomains
  13. Znetlive
  14. Mochasupport:
  16. Webcomindia
  17. 1and1
  18. Advikaweb
  19. Namecheap
  20. Awardspace

Lets see….


Here’s your best place for cheap .com domain registration. You will find the most popular domain extensions for the lowest price in India. Not only that, even the price for renewing your web address is extremely cheap. They offer .com domain for Rs. 575 /-, for the same domain renewable price is Rs. 785/-. They accept payment through credit card, bitcoin and PayPal only. For registering .in domain we have to pay Rs 960/- per year.

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Go daddy:

This website is good for .in domain registration websites. Here you can register your .com domain with the cost of $12 (Rs. 720/-) per year and annual renewal charges is $ 17 (Rs 1072/-). While registering a domain with two year pack they offers $1 for the first year and $12 for the second year totally we have to pay $13 only. Their renewal charges are bit higher than other domain registrar. They offer $5 for .in domains, this is lower than Hostinger.

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Also they offer $5 (Rs. 299) for the first time registered users, they do not offer the same for the second registration. To get the same offer once again, better create new account. They accept all type of Indian payments.


This website is better than Go-daddy for registering .in domain. For the first registration they offer Rs 199 /- per year. And the same renewal charge is Rs. 600 /-. For .com domain Rs 599/- per year and renewal charges of Rs. 800 per year. They accept all type of payment system.

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They are one of the leading hosting provider in India. They offer .com domain at the rate of Rs. 700/ per year and .in domain at the rate of Rs 700 / per year. Their renewal chargers same as the registration charge per year.


For .com domain => Rs 629/- per year, and .in domain => 415 /- per year, you can Transfer Funds by Cheque and Online to their ICICI Bank/ HDFC Bank Account. Strictly NO CASH Deposits.


They offer .com domain Rs. 749 /- per year, .in domain at Rs.499/- and their renewal price is same as the registration fees.

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Indialinks: Get .com and .in domain each $ 15 (Rs. 960/-) per year.

Publicdomainregistry: .com domain => $ 35 and .in domain => $ 35 per year. Renewal charges same as domain registration chargers.

Net4: get .com domain at the price of Rs 699 /- and in domain => Rs. 490 /- per year.

Netlynx: .com domain => Rs.640.70 and .in domain => Rs.432.91

Opensrs: .com domain => $11 and .in domain => $ 11 , Renewal price => $ 11

Dfordomains: .com domain => $12 and .in domain => $ 11 per year.

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Znetlive: .com domain => $9.65 and .in domain => $ 6.84 per year

Mochasupport: .com domain => $10.45 and .in domain => $ 19.95 per year. .com domain => Rs.650 and .in domain => Rs. 399 per year

Webcomindia: .com domain => Rs.799 and .in domain => Rs. 759 per year, Renewal charge: same as registration charges.

1and1: .com and .in domain => each $8.99 and renewal domain charges => each $ 14.99 per year. For purchasing two year pack they offer us $ 0.99 for the first year and for the second year $14.99, Totally we have to pay $15.98 (1 x $0.99+ 1 x $14.99) for two-year pack and they offer free private registration.

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Advikaweb: .com domain => Rs.565 and .in domain => Rs. 499 per year, Renewal charge: Rs 700 /-

Namecheap: .com domain => $10.69 and .in domain => $ 9.99 per year.

 Awardspace: .com domain => $14.95 and .in domain => $ 20.00 per year.


While purchasing a new domain we need to look at basic price and annual renewal price. Here I have given 20 cheap and best domain register website, there you can select cheap domain registrar.

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