Cheap and Best Kidney transplant hospital in Chennai (Real case study)


Cheap and best kidney transplant hospital in Chennai:

Cheap and Best Kidney transplant hospital in chennai:I suggest or I can say ‘this is my personal experience’  and I was suffering from kidney failure for past one and half year. I have made my transplant in Chennai Kilpauk Medical Collage and Hospital. This is the best kidney transplant hospital in Chennai and government hospital, ever seen. Their doctors and nurse are really superb and very helping nature. They take special care about transplant patient; Also the doctor gives good response at any time.

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Why I choose govt. hospital:

  1. First fact is Free medicine. After completion of your transplant, you have to take medicine in your life long. So that I decided to do in Govt Hospital. Also now you will ask, ‘what is the medicine cost per month’. Yes, off course it comes around 17,000 per month for the first 3 months because of first 100 days we have to take one special medicine which is named as Valgan (exactly I do not want to say). One medicine cost around 480 /- per day, for 100 days you must take this drug, so total cost around Rs. 48,000 /-. This is only one drug and additionally we need to take immune suppressor (exactly I do not want to say the drug name). that drug cost accumulate will the total cost. So that it will come 17,000/- per month finally. But once you got set, the drug cost gets reduce, that’s no issue.
  2. Emergency care. We cannot say when we will get infect. In emergency situation they keep care well as compared with other private hospital, I would like to say “ Mamiyar house”.
  3. 24X7 special Doctors availability
  4. No need money for your operation. All you have to keep the government insurance which is called as “Amma Kaapeedu Thiddam”
  5. Dialysis: For transplant patent they offer free dialysis. They maintain accurate dialysis parameter. Specially I would like to say thank to the dialysis in charge. He is superb.
  6. He is very helpful for remaining documentation process.
  7. Blood tests: they have separate lab assistant for diagnosing kidney failures patient blood samples with free of cost
  8. Other department doctors’ consultation: free and responsive
  9. 95 % Success.
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Note: They do the transplant as per Government rules.

That’s why I say Cheap and best kidney transplant hospital in Chennai is KMC.

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Address: Govt Kilpauk medical college and hospital, Chennai



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