Vibration Meter Android App For Electrical Engineer


Vibration Meter Android App For Electrical Engineer

Vibration Meter is in the 4th set of Smart Tools collection. Seismograph

This app uses accelearation sensor to measure vibration or an earthquake, and it shows a reference as a seismic detector.

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The measured values are related to Modified Mercalli Intensity scale (MMI). If it is inaccurate, you can calibrate it so that maximum value is about 10-11.
Please use the result only for reference because Android devices have a wide variety of performance and sensitivity.

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* Main features:
– Alarm level
– Beep sound
– Material design

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* Pro version added features:
– No ads
– Sound Meter
– Statistic menu (line chart)
– CSV file exporting
– Screen capture

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* Do you want more tools?
download [Sound Meter Pro] and [Smart Tools] package.

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For more information, watch YouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.

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Video Explanation of Free Vibration android app:


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