How to Find Lost Mobile


How to Find Lost Mobile:

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Number of mobile thefts increasing day by day. The percentage is very high in India.
In some cases we may lose our mobile phone ourselves in public places. Even though it is a low cost ordinary mobile, the data (SMS, phone numbers stored) can be very sensitive. We are here to help you to trace your lost mobile phones.
If you purchase a new cell phone’s you have to note down the  IMEI number first. It definitely helps when you lost or misplaced or theft.
Have some application to easily locate a missing phone. See for yourself.


What ever phone you buy, that will have an 15 digit IMEI number. Note down that number.
If you type * # 06 # on the phone then it will be given to you. Give your phone IMEI number when you misplaced or lost to police.

Avast Mobile Security:

This application have 2 jobs to help support mobile security. To protect against mobile viruses attacking one. Lost or Theft This software will intimate us using SMS or other email when we lost or theft.

Mobile Chase – location tracker:

Best aplikecanakum ituvumoru. Pottale already posted your phone thief in the new SIM will expose your number through an SMS facility. The contents of this additional information on the GPS!
To download it,

Thief tracker:

Application wonderful. Your smartphone ‘Lock’ is set to the right of this, but when one unlocking the phone, the phone will send to you e-photographs of his face to email.
To download it.

Smart Lock:

This thief to you via e anuppavallatu photographs. The application also covers information stored on the GPS. A description of where you can easily get rid of the last call.

Anti – theft alarm:

The alarm ‘but’ what are you going to put in a certain place, someone picked up the phone, it automatically tottale ‘shouting’ start. To stop the alarm must enter the correct password.

Kesparski Mobile Security:

This is a great application. If you use only then you will know its powers.

Look out Security and entivairas:

This is a free software. Look out it. Albums of the possibilities of the Internet.

Trend Micro Mobile Security:

Outstanding application. I’ll pay the money. If you want to use for free for 30 days.
Click here to use.

Plan B Look Out Mobile Security:

Earlier we have seen Lookout isnt it, This is second version of the same Look Out application. This is also good application.
To download.
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