How to book Irctc Tatkal ticket within 1 minutes PC, Smart phone and without PC and Smartphone


How to book Irctc tatkal ticket within 1 minutes:

During festival time getting tatkal ticket means very difficult task. Here we are going to teach how to book tatkal ticket easily. This is the most effective of book irctc tatkal ticket within 1 minute. First you have to add one of the chrome extension which is named as Book Tatkal. It will fill your data on the irctc column. You do not want to enter your personal details. Just fill the captcha. Please do not give your payment details like credit card or debit card details and internet banking details etc. to such extension. There is a change of theft and it does not auto fill for your payment details. This is the fastest way of book irctc tatkal ticket..

How the extension works:

  1. You have to install the extension
  2. Click the extension
  3. It redirects to their website
  4. Enter the data as like irctc website ask you, save the ticket.
  5. Do not give payment details, save the ticket details.
  6. Open irctc website and login to your account
  7. It auto fills your journey details and click submit
  8. Irctc website displays the available train, the extension will redirect you to tatkal ticket availability, and click the same
  9. The extension auto fills your name, age, birth required and mobile number, you have to enter the captcha only. Do not make hurry at this point just wait for 10 sec, afterwards enter the shown captcha.
  10. It goes to payment option. Click the payment type you want.
  11. Confirm your payment details
  12. Then your ticket will be booked, the hole time will take around 30 secs only.
  13. Enjoy it


How to book Irctc Tatkal ticket within 1 minutes from your phone:

  1. Do not use 3rd party application. It takes some time to load…
  2. Clear all the application (running back round)
  3. Uninstall whatsapp (this app occupy more than 30% of your RAM)
  4. Clear cache from your phone memory, make free all unwanted memory
  5. Clear browsing history and cookies of your mobile chrome browser
  6. Make sure your friend should not call you at that time of booking and otherwise do not attend.
  7. Exact Login at 10:58:30 AM
  8. Enter your all journey details and get all available train tickets
  9. At 11:00:05 just click the tatkal quota
  10. Get the available tickets
  11. Remaining all are same…
  12. Try to use irctc wallet for payment transaction. If not, use debit card or credit card.
  13. Enjoy…

This is the fastest way of book irctc tatkal ticket form your smart phone…

How to book Irctc Tatkal ticket within 1 minutes without PC and smart phone:

Go to nearby any railway station or post office and get first priority. And give the valid details and book the ticket.

More Tips Visit: The link

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