1850+ Useful Bible Study Whatsapp Group Links Join List 2022

Bible Study Whatsapp Group Links Join List 2022
Bible Study Whatsapp Group Links Join List 2022

Bible Study Whatsapp Group Links

Bible study is a book that is considered the foundation of religious tradition for both Jews and Christians. This bible study is also translated into Tamil and refers to the written work. The holy bible is the only common work of collaboration. There are two types of it Old Testament and New Testament.

In it you can read the history and teachings of Christ. The Old Testament is what people call the Hebrew Bible. The Bible is considered to be a collection of many texts. Biblical Christians would call this the Word of God in human language. The word Bible was first born from the Greek word.

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At first it was called Biblion but now it has changed to Bible. In the year 1995 when the Tamil word was created, the Christian congregation was collectively known as Thiruvivilyam. The Bible is the religious book of Christians. There are many sects within the Christian people. All the New Testaments were written in Greek.

Whether one does harm or good, all people in the Christian race will read the gospels only through the Bible. Like that, they usually read the Bible every day. The Gutenberg Bible is housed in the US Library of Congress. The Bible is a collection of many separate books. In the Bible, the books of the law, the books of history, the books of literature, and the books of God were divided into parts.

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Biblical history tells us that God created the world and everything in it. God gives the laws through Moses. He was a disciple of Jesus and an early Christian. God calls Abraham and promises to give him a new nation and a great seed. There are many stories like this in the Bible. We also download various types of information for people instantly in this bible study whatsapp group.

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Bible List :

  • Genesis.
  • Exodus.
  • Leviticus.
  • Numbers.
  • Deuteronomy.
  • Joshua.
  • Judges.
  • Ruth.

Christianity Varieties:

  • the Church of the East
  •  Oriental Orthodoxy
  • Eastern Orthodoxy
  • Roman Catholicism
  • Protestantism
  • Restorationism

Rules For Bible Study Whatsapp Group Links

  • In Bible Study Whatsapp Group only information about Christian bible stories should be shared.
  • Only Christians are allowed to join this group.
  • No one should share movie videos and songs.
  • All people can share Christian news in this group.
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Bible Study Whatsapp Group Links

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How to Join Bible Study Whatsapp Group Links:

Hello friends in bible study whatsapp group we have given in this whatsapp group to know all about bible and different types of historical evidence. If you also want to know this, join our bible whatsapp group. If you want to join, we have provided many group facilities for you above and you can join by clicking on it. If you know any other information like this you can give us feedback. All information we add to the public is strictly confidential.

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