Top 50 Chinese Martial arts Movies Must Watch Before You Die


Top 50 Chinese Martial arts Movies Must Watch Before You Die:

Chinese Martial arts Movies are the best entertainment for action movies Lover. Martial arts come from India to China to Japanese. Here you can ask how India will be the origin of martial arts. Because of one, the Indian is called Pothitharman; Who is From India’s Tamilnadu who is really the teacher for all martial arts and had taught to the Chinese people. This matter, many of the chines people really do not now… Let see in this we will see the best martial arts movies list and martial arts movies.
1. Hero
2. Ip man-1
3. Ip man-2
4. Ip man-3
5. Ip man-4 The Grand master is Born
6. The Fearless
7. Three Kingdom
8. The Forbidden Kingdom
9. Croughing Tiger Hidden Tiger
10. Crouching Tigher hidder Tiger
11. The Myth
12. The Last Blademan
13. 14 Blades
14. Ice Man
15. Ninja Assaisn
16. Ninja Assasian
17. Once Upon time in china-1
18. Once Upon Time in China-2
19. Once Upon Time in China-3
20. Brotherhood of Blades
21. Saving General Yang
22. A Battle of Wits
23. Kung fu hostle
24. Little big soldier
25. The Mummy 3
26. The Warlords
27. The Monkey King
28. Curse of golden Flower
29. Redcliff
30. Dragon Blade
31. Ong pack 1
32 Ong pack 2
33. Ong pack 3
34. Enter the dragon
35. Drangon Master
36. Matrix
37. Matrix
38. Kill Zone
39. The Grand Master
40. 13 Assassin
41. The Karate Kid
42. Unleased
43. Sholin Temple
44. 36 Champer
45. Fist of Fury
46. Way of the Dragon
47. 36 champer -2
48. The Protector
49. Wing Chun
50. Kungfu Panda

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