Top 26 Best Tamil Family Movie Can See with your Family


Top 26 Best Tamil Family Movie Can See with your Family:

    1. Suriya Vamsam
    2. Nattama
    3. Vaanathai Pola
    4. Aanatham
    5. Samuthiram
    6. Vetrivel
    7. Veeram
    8. Padikkathavan
    9. Poonu veedukkaran
    10. Muthu
    11. Uttam puthiran
    12. Ejamn
    13. Pramparai
    14. Thevar Magan
    15. Papanasam
    16. Vasool Raja MBBS

  1. Sabari
  2. Basha
  3. Boss engira bhaskaran
  4. Singam 1
  5. Mayandi Kudumbathar
  6. Samsaram Adhu Minsaram
  7. Emdan Magan
  8. Pandavar Bhoomi
  9. Varavu ettana Selavu Pathana
  10. Raja
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  1. Suriya Vamsam

Reached 200 + days in Theater. This is the first place in my Tamil Family Movies list, because the story was really good, The actor Sarath Kumar was in double action, Thevaiyani, Radhika was supporting role. This is the story of Father and uneducated son. The dialogue was superb.

  1. Nattama

Reached 150 + days in theater. Nattamai, the Movies name itself says village judge. This was the highest days running movie in the theater. In this movie, Sarath Kumar in double action, Kusboo, Meena, Ponambalam in main role and Vijaykumar were supporting role. The movie says about village judgment. The movie’s dialogue was superb, even I have heard its mp3 format almost 600 times. Whenever I feel bad, then I listen to this movie dialogue. Ok anyhow, if you Have time can spend with them with this movie.

  1. Vaanathai Pola

Next, this is the Highest sentimental and tamil Family Movie. The movie is the loyalty between brothers to brothers. This is also highest running movie in theater. In this movie vijayakanth acting as main role and Meena, Vincent, prabhu deva, Ramesh kanna and Gousalya acted as supporting role.

  1. Anathem

This is the positive Tamil family movie and cool tamil family movie. Malayalam super star Mamidi, Murali who acted in main role, Thevaiyani, Ramba, Abbas was acted as supporting role. If you have time watch this tamil family movie first.

  1. Samuthiram
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The Tamil family movie which story about the brothers and sister. Nice Movie

  1. Vetrivel
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Super twisted story Tamil family movie. Brother sacrifice his life for his brother. SasiKumar acted as Main role.

  1. Veeram
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Ajith Super hit Tamil Family Movie

  1. Padikkathavan

Rajinikanth, Shivaji, Nagesh, acted in this Tamil Family movie

  1. Poonu veedukkaran

Sathiyaraj’s best family movie

    1. Muthu
    2. Uttam puthiran

Dhanush, Genelia acted in the main role. This movie is about how to convert love marriage into family arrange marriage without knowing their family members. Vivek had made a great comedy.

  1. Ejamn
  2. Pramparai
  3. Thevar Magan
  4. Papanasam

Best Tamil Family Movie I ever seen. This movie is, about how the uneducated man saving his family form this modern government rule. Very twisted story. If you have a time Must watch this.

  1. Vasool Raja MBBS
  2. Sabari
  3. Basha
  4. Boss engira bhaskaran
  5. Singam 1
  6. Mayandi Kudumbathar
  7. Samsaram Adhu Minsaram
  8. Emdan Magan
  9. Pandavar Bhoomi
  10. Varavu ettana Selavu Pathana
  11. Karakattakkaran
  12. Raja => Thala Ajith acted in main role…Love come Family story
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