Thop Tv Apk Latest Version Download for Android, PC and Firestick


Thop Tv App Download for Android, PC and Firestick

ThovTv App is the one of the most popular IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) to watch online movies, tv serese, web series in 4K qualities. Thoptv is free tv app that can be installed in your mobile devices as well as computer and TVs. This app is available for all software platform such as Android, Windows, ios mac, Android Tv and Linux. However, in this article, we are going to see Thop Tv App Download for Android, PC and Firestick and how to install thoptv app for android and PC.

Also one of the eye catching advantages of thoptv app is, that we can select any video format, different quality, we can add custom subtitles for video rendering, live web camera chat etc. I was surprised that, how they are offering this much future? Really amazing.

I saw a Netflix series, that was playing without any interruption, no ads, fast loading etc. any how I have given the download button at below, using that link you can download the thop tv app for android and PC.

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Note: Thoptv app is not available in android play store and IOS app store.

Before, downloading how to do some settings in your mobile, after installing, you can re-enable the setting back.

  1. Go to settings your android phone
  2. Enable external source app for download
  3. Now click on download
  4. Then chrome ask you to download, press yes
  5. Install it that’s all.

Let us see the special future of the Thop tv app:

Live Tv in thop tv:

Thop tv supports have around 6500+ Online tv channel to watch their Live telecast. i.e

  • Jamine TV- 600 channels -– India only access
  • Allium TV – 300+ channel -– India only access
  • Tulio TV – 300_ channel– India only access
  • Xyris TV – 2000 channel – Global access
  • Luminous Tv (1000+ channels) –Access Globally
  • Iris TV (500+ channels) – Global access
  • Heather TV (500+ channels)- Global access
  • Sunflower TV (1500+ channels)- Outside india => To view this channel, you can use VPN app
  • Silica Tv (1500+channels) – Global access
  • Religious TV channel 50+ Numbers – Global
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Also this android app offers all the channels for free of cost.

Free Online Stream:

Here you can find list of all available thop tv series, here you can easily find your favorite tv series. They are..

Web series Provider Accessibility Type of series
Amazon prime, Global Web
Trillium series, Global TV
Disney series, India Disney India
OHO series, Global Aha
Beebalm Global Kids
Velvet Kids Global Kids
Velvet series Global Voot
Netflix, Global Web
Dolphin series, Global Discovery
Mallow series, Global Lots
Whatstar Global hot star
RamPage Global Hungama
Calendula Global documentary
Jaguar Global Jio
Beebalm Global Kids
Epicion Global Epic
Zephy Series Global Zee5
Snow Flakes Global Sony TV
Lotus India Shemaroo
Anime Global Anime
Web series Global Addtimes, Vlu
Ulmu Global Uilu
Alto India Alto
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External Player Support:

When you are playing a movie in hotstar or Netflix means, the movie/webs series plays on their own media player only. Here we cannot change or use the external player to view the streaming movies or series.

But thoptv app for android and PC offers to use external player such as MX player, KM Player, MI player, VLC player etc.. to watch the online movies or web series.

Let see how to enable external player:

  • Download and install thoptv app for android or PC using below link
  • Select your favorite category and chose the movie video
  • Now the movie start will be playing
  • In that, player you can see setting button => by click that you can change the player of the thoptv app.
  • Now android will show you the available player
  • Select, anyone player
  • That’s all you have changed the media play in thop tv

Dark Mode:

Is android phone your favorite device to watch movies?

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If yes, then you have to take care of your eyes. But thop tv has an option called dark mode or normal mode.  By enabling, you can view all the series and free movies in dark mode.

Also see:

Oreo tv  apk Download

Do not know how to enable dark mode?

If yes, now download the thop tv app and install it.

Now you see a menu in left side, click on that => then there will be a dark mode => now change the option. Nice, you have successfully enabled dark mode.

Simple and Intuitive UI:

Thoptv is very interactive and easy navigation which help us to find the channel or movie name by entering the keyword in the search box. They are updating thoptv app in regular interval, even now 25.1 thoptv version has released.

Live radio:

Are busy with some work, driving, cooking? Or not able to view the videos? then you can use thoptv radio. In that, you can get almost Hugh number of radio channel. In thoptv version 25.1 has almost 6000+ live radio channel and you can access it globally. It is also free to use.

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PIP Mode => Picture in picture mode.

Do you want to watch your favorite tv shows On your whatsapp? Then you can use PIP mode of thoptv app.

PIP mode is nothing but a viewing videos by overlaying the android screen. Thoptv has that option too. To enable this future, you do not need do any advanced settings, it is an inbuilt setting.

Free HD movies:

Do not have a money to buy ticket? Do you want watch free movies?

Then you should download the thoptv app immediately. They have large database to watch online movies. But they do not have option to download the movies. But any how we can access it immediately. By searching the movie name, you can find the exact HD version of the movie.

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How to install thoptv for Android TV:

For that, you should have an android fire TV stick gadget in your TV. Download the android app and install it in the fire tv stick.

Connect it with your TV and enjoy the unlimited streaming for free.

How to download Thop tv for windows?

This is another future of thoptv is, it Is available for the Windows PC.

  • Download the .exe files
  • Install it, Now you see an virus alert in your computer. Just turn off it, it is not a virus.
  • After completion of the installation, you can see all the available channels and movies.

Thoptv for Linux: Download the thoptv software and install it in the linux OS.

Thop Tv for mac OS: No DRM Support – Allium TV, Alto, Jaguar, Whatstar Series, Thyme TV, and Movies, etc will not work.

Watching movies in the pirated site is not advisable, but it is a free enjoy the unlimited streaming.


Download the Thopv App



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